The Broker 24option currently advertises that it offers 24 hour chat support. Whoever comes to the homepage of 24option is already welcomed with it. At the bottom right a small window opens which offers the possibility to contact 24option directly via chat.

Who wants to use the chat contact of 24option can do so within a few seconds. After the Chat window opened, the user can select e.g. that he would like to use the German Chat support. At the same time it must be mentioned, how the own name is and under which email address one can be reached. After both fields have been filled in, the message text can be entered. If you have a question about the 24option offer, you can formulate it directly and get answers. After the text has been sent, a dialog window will open in which you have to wait for the answer. If the chat participant is in a waiting loop, this is also displayed.

How long does the chat with 24option in the test take until a first answer?

In our practice test the chat with 24option answers within less than 2 minutes and that in German language. Our test question was answered quickly and satisfactorily.

What can I do with 24option trading?

Who wants to start trading with 24option can do this without problems with a trading account. It is recruited with the fact that a net yield at a value of up to 88% is disbursed. To the kind of the binary options, which can be noticed with 24option rank also in such a way specified 60 seconds options. The well-known high and low options can also be exercised. In the area of underlyings, over 100 different currency pairs are offered, which can be used with 24 options. There is also the possibility that stocks and commodities can also be used for trading with 24option.

How do I learn something about binary options with 24option?

Who wants to start trading with 24option can learn a lot on the Internet. It is possible that for example a free eBook can be downloaded, which helps to understand and use binary options. It is also possible that in the segment of binary options a lot can be learned about tactics and about the design of options.

If 24option is a serious broker?

The broker 24option is undoubtedly one of the most serious and at the same time one of the largest brokers in the industry. It should be noted that 24option is regulated. The broker is based in Europe and more precisely in Cyprus. For traders, this means that there is regulation via the CySec and therefore 24option can be traded easily and without any major concerns. As far as support is concerned, it is not only available via chat, but also over the telephone, for example. The chat support worked very well in the practical test and shows that with 24option a lot can be regulated via chat. The service times of the support are clearly more extensive, than it is the case with many other brokers. The support of 24option can be perceived not only in German, but also in many other languages.

The online broker Finexo currently offers trading in over 55 currency pairs. This can easily be done directly over the internet after opening an account with the broker. In practice, Finexo is one of the most modern brokers in the world and, above all, it is based within the EU, which means that traders benefit from more extensive hedging than is the case with other brokers based outside the EU offshore.

What trading options can I take advantage of with Finexo?

The trading offer of the broker Finexo is very extensive. Traders can trade both Forex and CFD. There are numerous underlyings that can be used. This means, for example, that currently more than 55 different currency pairs can be used to start trading. In addition, commodities as well as stocks and indices are offered in order to start trading. Bonds can also be traded via Forex trading.

Whoever wants to use the trading offer on Finexo can start trading with the MetaTrader 4 software as well as Sirix and Webtrader. The market is much more liquid than many other markets, so there is a lot of movement in Forex trading.

There are a total of over 55 currency pairs that can be used when trading at Finexo is started, which is really much more than it is the case with most competitors. The trade can be used 5 days a week, Monday to Friday 24 hours a day.

There is the possibility that 1:300 leverage can be used and the broker advertises with tight spreads and without commissions.

Is Finexo a secure broker?

The broker Finexo belongs to the company Leadcapital Markets Ltd. which is based in Cyprus and therefore within the EU. Concretely the customers can notice the service e.g. over a telephone number in Great Britain. Beyond that there is a live Chat, which can be used, in order to step accordingly with the broker directly over its homepage into contact. A callback function is unfortunately not offered here.

Which account models can be perceived at Finexo?

Customers can choose the Classic, Gold and Platinum account models at Finexo. All three accounts can be managed according to deposits. There is the possibility that the money can be deposited at Finexo in many different ways. In practice, this means that funds can be deposited with a MasterCard or Visa credit card, for example. Money can also be deposited via Maestro and Visa Electron. If you wish, you can also use Skrill and Neteller to deposit money into your Finexo trading account.

It is necessary to deposit at least 1,000 Euros into your Finexo trading account in order to start trading. The account can, for example, be managed in Euro but also in US Dollar or British Pound. Finexo is a modern broker, which is especially interesting for CFD clients who want to become active in CFD trading with the help of currency pair trading, for example. The offer is here clearly more extensive, than it with most other brokers the case is. In the long run, trading CFDs via Finexo is recommended, but the risk should of course be known if trading in this way. Those who decide to trade with Finexo will find all the information on their homepage – of course also in different languages.

Tropical Stud, Tropical Stud Poker, Caribbean Stud or Oasis Stud: these are all terms used to describe a Caribbean poker variation offered in almost every casino.

The main difference between Caribbean Stud and other poker variations is that the player plays alone against the casino.

Essentially, there are no other participants for the player, which means that many of the delightful elements of traditional poker play (such as the bluff or psychological illusion) are eliminated from the game.

Caribbean Stud Rules

Because Caribbean Stud is played alone (player versus house), the set-up is similar to Blackjack. It is typically played with a French pack of 52 cards each. At a semi-circular table, seven people can sit opposite the dealer (croupier). In front of each player (pointeur) there are markers on which you can place your bets; a betting circle and an ante box. Each player also has a slot for the progressive side bets.

Before the game begins, players must place their bets. The ante (the first minimum bet the casino usually forces the player to make) is determined by the table limits. In addition, players can also place side bets on the progressive jackpot by throwing a chip into the corresponding slot. Then a light indicator goes to indicate that the progressive jackpot is active here.

The hand rating is similar to traditional poker, but the game is similar to blackjack. The dealer deals each player and himself five cards. One of the dealer’s cards is dealt face up. Players can now rate their cards (but they cannot show them to other players) and decide whether to fold and lose their bet, or raise their bet and go to the next round. In addition, you can switch a single card with the dealer for an amount equal to the ante. For another bet, the bet must be twice as high as the initial bet.

When all players have decided, they return their cards to the table and the dealer reveals their cards.

The dealer must have a regular poker combination (Ace-King or higher) for the game to continue. If the dealer does not qualify, the player’s original bet and a win equal to the stake is paid to the player and the game is over.

If the dealer qualifies, the casino goes with (call) and the players’ hands are compared individually and separately to the dealer’s hand.

If the dealer’s hand is better, the player loses all his bets. If the player’s hand is higher, the player gets his bet back 1:1 and the bet on the bet field according to a specific table:

One pair (or lower): 1 to 1

Two pairs: 2 to 1


Three of a kind: 3 to 1

Straight: 4 to 1

Flush: 5 to 1

Full House: 7 to 1

Four of a kind: 20 to 1

Straight Flush: 50 to 1

Royal Flush: 100 to 1

Caribbean Stud Online

In recent years, the Caribbean Stud variant has been able to establish a good reputation, especially online. Online casinos did not yet exist when the game was developed and slowly gained attention, but now the speed of the hands and the guaranteed higher payouts allow Caribbean Stud Poker games to be more profitable than live casinos. Therefore, it is now much more often played virtually than in the typical stationary casinos.

Online players typically get better chances, because more players and the progressive jackpots are thereby higher. However, there is no change in the way the game is played and the strategies online.

The Progressive Jackpot at Caribbean Stud

Caribbean Stud reaches with the addition of the side bet on the progressive jackpot. With this feature, players can risk an extra dollar to get a shot at the progressive jackpot pool.

If a player who bets on the progressive makes a royal flush, he wins the progressive jackpot, which can reach up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even with a lower hand, such as a flush or a full house, you get a portion of the jackpot. This addition, which allows players the chance to win hundreds of thousands of dollars for just one dollar, helped make Caribbean Stud the phenomenon it is today. Payouts vary from state to state.

Strategy tips for beginners

As with any game of chance, there is no perfect strategy for Caribbean Stud Poker. But: unlike other poker games, there are some asymmetries, as already mentioned in the previous chapter, which favour the course of the game for the player. Caribbean Stud is suitable as a holiday game because the optimal strategy is very easy to keep in mind. In short:

– if you have a pair or higher in your hand, you should bet.

– if you have less in your hand than the dealer needs to qualify (Ace-King), you should fold.

– always pay attention to your bankroll and avoid side bets

-Naturally, this strategy also depends on the dealer’s open card. The odds of winning are better if you have the card in your hand that the dealer reveals (which reduces the chance of a pair in his hand).

An optimal strategy that maximizes the advantage of the casino is the following (after observing the above rules):

  1. Player increases the bet if the dealer’s face-up card is between 2 and Queen and matches a card in the player’s hand.
  2. player raises the bet if the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace or King and the player has a Queen or Jack in his hand.
  3. player raises the bet if the dealer’s face-up card does not match a player’s card but he has a Queen and the dealer’s card is lower than the player’s fourth highest card.

Read more: Caribbean Stud Strategy

One of the oldest, best-known and most popular brokers for the exclusive trade with CFDs (difference contracts)  is definitely Plus500. We have taken a close look at the company, which has often been found in the media since time immemorial, and explained in our field report what interested traders should pay attention to. After an estimate to the plus500 seriousness we deal strengthened with the actual offer of this CFD service and show, which factors decide whether a registration with the Top broker is worthwhile or rather not.

Background: so serious is plus500

His roots plus500 in Great Britain. There also the behind it standing enterprise Plus500 UK Ltd. is announced. Plus500 is a Tradinggesellschaft, which attaches its offer meanwhile in many countries of the world. The CFD broker went after the enterprise establishment 2008 one year later to the start and was at that time the first enterprise, which offered the trade with CFDs completely free of charge. At the time, this was a real innovation and brought the company many satisfied and loyal customers. In the meantime, trading with difference contracts is possible in over 2,000 markets. Plus500 has been available in over 20 languages for several months and attracts interested new customers worldwide. Plus500 is also the main sponsor of the Spanish football club Atletico Madrid, which won the Primera Division in the 2013-2014 season. This shows how much money is really behind the company.

According to Plus500, it is completely debt-free and has high liquidity. It is also worth mentioning that, in accordance with current legislation, customer funds are kept separate from company assets. Concretely this has the advantage for Trader that in case of a failure of plus 500 on a repayment of large parts of the own deposits can be hoped. Creditors have then no chance to come with the collection of the indebted funds to exactly these amounts.

Of course Plus500 is also regulated and authorized. This is done by the respective competent authorities of the Länder with the three main branches. In London, UK this is for Plus500 UK LTD the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), in Sydney, Australia for Plus500 AU LTD the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and and Limassol, Cyprus for Plus500 CY LTD the Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission (CySEC)  There one cares very exactly for all interests, which develop regarding Plus500. The financial supervisory authorities are subject to direct directives, for example from the European Union. The laws to be observed are therefore the same. The English authority in particular is known for its precise, strict and sound controls. Users of Plus500 can therefore assume that it is not fraud or rip-off and that there are no dubious business practices such as manipulating the figures.

Video preview of Plus500

In the following video you will find our experiences with Plus500 in the summary. We will also show you how the registration works and show you the first steps with the provider.

Click the video now to get a preview of Plus500:

What_customers say

Not all traders are completely satisfied with Plus500. A short Internet search or a look at the comments on the company’s Facebook page show that communication between Plus500 and its customers is not always flawless. For example, accounts are frozen without further explanation. On demand it becomes then clear that an account is transferred and it should be within fewer days again freely to acting be.

These and further examples make some dealers disgruntled. They do not trust Plus500 fully and make this also clear in various evaluations in the Wold Wide Web. Again and again however also becomes clear that plus500 is given the debt for the simple loss of money. Forex trading is a risky business in which a trader can quickly gain a lot of capital, but can also lose. Nobody has said that Plus500 can be seen as a kind of money printing machine. Therefore, critical comments must always be read and viewed with caution. If the Forex system does not lead to the desired success, it doesn’t mean that Plus500 is to blame.

The support in the test

In our test, of course, we also took a close look at all support options. Typically larger Forex brokers do not only offer a contact via email, but also a free phone number and sometimes a live chat. Questions and answers in the form of a FAQ are also communicated online.

Now, at Plus500 all this does not happen. In comparison to nearly all competitor providers, which we already tested, the service with Plus500 is extremely miserable. On a service number one does likewise without, like on a live Chat. Online there is not a single telephone number to be found, where you can contact Plus500 directly and clarify questions and problems personally. Instead a contact form is available, over which customers have to announce themselves to the offerer. In our experience report we would like to describe now also our opinion to this kind of the establishment of contact. Because in the test contact attempts were answered only after some working-days. We had the feeling to be held out here.

Nevertheless, most of our questions have been answered by using an Internet search engine. Thanks to Plus500, we noticed that direct support via customer service representatives is not absolutely necessary. This is not intended to excuse or protect the company’s poor customer service. We give you a bad mark.


On paper Plus500 is extremely serious. The company is growing and growing and now offers its services in various countries around the world. The fact that now even a large and well-known Spanish team can be sponsored shows, how healthy the enterprise is and how much capital really stands behind it. The regulations in two different countries of the European Union make it clear that Plus500 is serious. A deposit protection for the customer funds exists likewise, so that in case of an improbable failure of the enterprise funds are paid back guaranteed.

A little we worry concerning the evaluations of other customers. If it should be really usus to answer inquiries not or only insufficiently, then there is with plus500 a confidence problem. Also the quasi not existing customer support disturbs us in our evaluation extremely. Our experiences in this respect are also not intoxicating. We would like to recommend to the broker, who is internationally active and one of the first addresses for beginners and a risers is, to reconsider its policy regarding the customer support again.

The offer of Plus500

In second instance we exactly regarded ourselves the advantages, disadvantages, conditions and achievements of Plus500. To each subitem we provided a short evaluation which offers a comprehensive view, with which interested traders can decide for or against this broker. All details are based on our best knowledge and conscience after our personal test.

Devisen, CFDs und vieles mehr

Plus500 started as a pure Forex- and CFD-Broker. Meanwhile, traders also have the opportunity to trade other financial products such as indices, EZFs and commodities. It must be mentioned that CFD stock trading does not generate any commissions, which would have to be paid to Plus500. So not only forex traders should register, but also traders who want to try other financial products. Plus500 can be seen as a true all-rounder that has almost all important and interesting trading variants in its program. Over 2,000 markets are tradable.

medium_maximum_lever, fixed spreads

For Plus500, those responsible do not rely on a pure price-cost strategy that is intended to flatter users. With regard to fixed spreads, for example, comparatively high values from 2.0 pips for majors such as EUR/USD are requested. As a result, customers do not have the opportunity to quickly break into the profit zone and have to keep their investments a little longer. 2.0 pips are above average in direct comparison to other providers. Especially the brokers with a higher minimum deposit, who specialize in experienced traders, are significantly lower with their offers. For the beginning and for beginners Plus500 should be however in the framework. After some time however new ones would have to think about a change of the offerer.

The maximum lever, which is ordered in the Forex trade, is in the average range. Not all currency pairs are subject to the lever of 200:1, but this amount applies again to majors such as EUR/USD. The leverage is much lower for exotic currencies and currency pairs. For information, the maximum leverage for CFDs is also 200:1. For indices, Plus500 has slightly increased it to 300:1. ETFs, however, are assigned a maximum leverage of only 100:1.


The negative point first: the software MetaTrader 4, which is worshipped by many traders due to its clarity and individual adaptability, unfortunately cannot be used with Plus500. Instead, Plus500 provides its own web trader, which thanks to its fantastic structure makes it much easier for newcomers to trade foreign exchange.

In addition, Plus500 also has its own trading platform, which is available for download. All you have to do is register quickly with your trading data and you can trade directly on your own computer. In our test we find that this trading software is clearly more inflexible in comparison to the Webtrader. We would therefore recommend to perceive the offer directly in your browser.

Plus500 also provides you with a free app. This app is currently only available for Android and iPhone users. However, unlike many other providers, you can also trade on this. According to statistics recently published by Plus500, more than 40% of all trading transactions are now completed via the mobile app. However, we don’t want to promote the use of such an app. The price overviews are often very small and difficult to see. This makes successful trading more difficult.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposits at Plus500 can be made easily via bank transfer, credit card and various other services that promise a direct transfer of money to the online account. These include well-known payment systems such as Skrill, Giropay and Papal. Altogether we are very inspired by the abundance of different possibilities very much.

Outpayments are made in principle over the same ways, how the money is transferred also to on-line account. The most common method is the classic bank transfer. To judge the experiences of some customers the transfer of the funds does not run off however always completely smoothly. Plus500 often requests more and more documents and takes a lot of time to really check the submitted documents. Also we had in the test so some problems with our disbursement, found the money however at the end nevertheless on our account.

Bonus and special campaigns

Grundsätzlich Plus500 sees itself very open opposite new customers. To the greeting receive all, which provide an account with the probably largest Forex broker, a 25 euro announcing bonus given. These can be used, without having to carry out also only one deposit. At the market Trader with 25 euro do not come particularly far, nevertheless this is Bonus without deposit a nice gesture of plus500.

For the first deposit customers receive a bonus, which depends on the deposited amount. Here there is a staggering between a deposit between 100€ and 50.000€.

  • minimum deposit 100€ – bonus amount 30€ – 50 TPoints – bonus code FIRST100
  • minimum deposit 500€ – bonus amount 150€ – 150 TPoints – bonus code FIRST500
  • minimum deposit 1000€ – Bonus amount 200€ – 200 TPoints – Bonus code FIRST1000
  • Minimum deposit 5000€ – Bonus amount 1000€ – 1000 TPoints – Bonus code FIRST5000
  • Minimum deposit 10.000€ – Bonus amount 1500€ – 2500 TPoints – Bonus code FIRST10000
  • Minimum deposit 50.000€ – Bonus amount 7000€ – 10000 TPoints – Bonus code FIRST50000

Minimum deposit 100 Euro

Also very fair is the low minimum deposit required by Plus500. Also private persons can trade so quickly and easily. The minimum deposit is 100 Euro. With such an amount interested private persons should not enter however into the Forex trade. The money can be split only with difficulty, since too small positions make no sense in trading. It is advisable to enter with at least 500 euro with the Forex broker.

Over 50 currency pairs available

It is not interesting for Forex trading that a total of over 2,000 Marks can be traded. Forex trading takes place at Plus500 with over 50 currency pairs. In addition to the majors, there are also some exotic pairs. According to our experience, the list is constantly being expanded.

No area of education, but demo account

Plus500 is badly equipped in terms of training opportunities. There are only a few articles and information texts about what Forex trading actually is. Webinars, seminars, videos and eBooks were completely renounced. Small ray of hope: it is supplied a free demo account, which can be used unlimitedly.

overall evaluation: So good is plus 500

One of the largest Forex brokers in the German-speaking countries left with our test a rather mediocre impression. While the basic offer, the internationalization and the background check were quite positive, the Forex Broker saves at important places, like for example the training further possibilities and the customer support. Therefore, more experienced traders, who don’t need any help from employees, should rather register.


I am impressed by Plus500! The play money account is really useful in connection with reading to the topic Forexhandel and helped me to gain a foothold with the trade with currencies first of all. I find the trading software very clear and intuitive to use. I’m a little worried about the rates, which seem to update after some time. My purchases and sales are not always processed directly in real time. However, this changes when you choose major rates such as the US dollar and the euro. Therefore I suggest beginners to try these currency pairs first.

written 22 months ago


Among Forex brokers, Plus500 is probably the one that advertises most actively and most rabatively. I don’t think the company’s promises can really be kept. I am disappointed about the customer support, which is only available via email. Questions are therefore only answered very sloppily. For beginners the Broker is however possibly nevertheless interesting, since there is a play money account, which is durably free of charge available. Small entrance hurdles make the broker in my opinion again more attractive and for all beginners really interesting. In addition comes a bonus system and an announcing bonus of 25 euro, which is available also without deposit equal.

written 17 months ago


Trading is associated with a high risk. But there is also the possibility to manage the trading risk. Plus500 offers a risk control tool for this purpose. So I have always influence and can indicate for example that with certain profits automatically is to be closed. I have also used the Price Warnings option. So actually not much can go wrong.

written 12 months ago


I looked around for a good broker and decided in the end for Plus500. An incentive for the registration was the point that I can trade there German positions without commission. I tried that out and it is really like that. However I had to deposit at least 100 euros.

written 11 months ago


Plus500 offers new customers a free demo account to practice on. I immediately used this for myself, tested the platform and tried out strategies. I think the demo account is very good. There acting is completely risk-free possible. Of course you can’t win in the demo either.

written 10 months ago


I registered with Plus500 at a convenient time. Because I received a 25 Euro bonus completely without deposit. I only signed up for a real money account in WebTrader. After confirmation of the phone number the bonus amount was credited to my account.

written 7 months ago


Securities trading is an interesting area for me. But since I still don’t know everything exactly, I have informed myself at Plus500 exactly about securities trading. All important factors are listed in the information material.

written 5 months ago

Hint: Have a look at the CFD Broker Comparison – there some brokers did better than IG!

Internationally the broker IG Markets is now in the absolute upper class. Not only the trade with CFDs and binary options is offered, but also the Forex Trading. By the way: for some time the broker markets itself no longer under the name IG Markets, but calls itself simply IG. In our empirical report we did not only examine the seriosity and reliability of the enterprise, but compared also achievements and conditions.

Background: so seriös is IG Markets

IG definitely one of the oldest offerers for trading with foreign exchange, CFDs, shares and other financial products. The main enterprise IG Group Holding can look back meanwhile on an experience of over 40 years. The successful company was founded in London in 1974. This is still the location of IG Group’s head office, which has been used for decouplings such as IG Markets. The IG project is available in over ten different languages, including, of course, German. A German branch is located in Düsseldorf. The friendly service staff are there to help you in word and deed.

The world’s largest broker convinces with his trustworthiness. IG Markets is reputable, as can be seen from the fact that it is regulated by official supervisory authorities in various countries. For example, there is a registration with the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). In addition, there is also German regulation by BaFin. These regulatory authorities look closely over the broker’s shoulder and keep an eye on him. This virtually excludes the possibility of fraudulent behaviour.

The IG Group Holding employs over 1,000 people worldwide. IG Holdings plc, the company’s UK limited liability company, is listed in the TFSE 250 share index with the 250 largest companies in England. In addition, the German IG Ableger has received various awards such as that of the best CFD broker 2013 from the magazine Euro am Sonntag.

IG is proud of the fact that the broker is the world’s largest operating service provider for trading Forex, CFDs and binary options. IG Markets’ offering is regularly updated and expanded. Also thereby we attained an extraordinarily professional impression of the offerer in the test. With regard to reliability and trustworthiness we can only give IG top marks.

Video preview of IG Markets

In the following video you will find our experiences with IG Markets in the summary. We’ll also show you how to register and show you the first steps with the provider.

You can now take a look at the video to get a preview of IG:

What customers say

First of all: there are critical voices on the Internet for every broker trading foreign exchange. However, there is usually more excitement about the general principle of trading currencies than constructive criticism of the broker. This is also the case with IG. In the comparison to other Forex brokers shows with IG Markets however also that a clearly higher number at users and users is very content with the offer of IG. Traders know that IG is a reliable broker they can trust at any time. This also becomes clear in the steadily rising user numbers.

Customers also say that IG Markets would probably not have been their first choice without prior Internet research. Other providers advertise with fast deposits and excessively high deposit bonuses. These again conceal not rarely that the actual offer of the broker is not particularly attractively equipped. IG does not attach any importance to such an external effect. Therefore among the customers above all experienced and professional Trader are to be found, which know gladly a reliable partner at its side.

The support in test

The support possibilities at IG are broadly graded. Thus, a distinction is made between customers and non-customers when making contact. For both there are telephone numbers and email addresses, over which the traders can announce themselves, in order to step directly into contact and get all questions answered. Some telephone numbers like for example those of the technical support lead however to England, so that you should be powerful with such a request of the English language.

In addition IG has a live Chat, over which you can chat simply and fast with the coworkers. In our test this possibility was unfortunately not available, although we tried it between the available times (Monday to Friday, 8:15 to 22:15 clock). Telephone support is also not available 24 hours a day for questions. Our IG Markt experience report comes to the conclusion that the employees are generally very competent and friendly, but seem to be under a certain time pressure. Questions are answered correctly and quickly. Perhaps IG Markets in Germany should slightly increase the number of employees here in order to relieve the current service personnel.

Our experience with IG

The huge experience of the parent company IG Group Holding is convincing. Also meanwhile over 17 addresses world-wide and the general attitude on international public are indicator for the fact that with IG Markets for higher one strives. IG is completely serious and reliable due to the double regulation in Great Britain and Germany. Further countries will follow with security.

In view of the respectability we can give IG only a very best result. Here you don’t need to be afraid of being ripped off or cheated.

The IG Markets offer

In order to be able to compare Forex brokers better with each other, there are overviews that compare different conditions and services as well as important indicators such as the maximum leverage and the spread with each other. In our field report we have taken a close look at these points and compared them in a short overview, structured according to thematic aspects.

How to trade on IG Markets?

IG’s offering is based on trading different currency pairs. The Forex trade stands therefore in the focus and was the first division, in which the enterprise specialized itself. In the course of the years the offer pallet increased however clearly at potential. In the meantime, traders can also trade other financial products with experts in this field. One of these is trading CFDs, which works with a leverage similar to Forex trading. This gives you the opportunity to increase your actual stake and deposit per position and generate profits more quickly. In addition, IG also offers binary options positions. This financial sector is rapidly gaining popularity on the Internet as binary options trading is very simple and easy to understand. In binary options, there are different types of trading.

In total, IG’s offering is very rich and offers interesting opportunities for all financial traders to use their money. This is where IG Markets fully lives up to its reputation as a market leader.

Maximum leverage of 200:1

The lever is one of the important indicators used to compare different Forex brokers with each other. With IG Markets the lever lies with 200:1. That means that with a transaction employment of 50 euro equal with 10.000 euro at the market can be traded. Thus, changes in the last decimal place of the exchange rates of the currency pairs also have an effect on profit and loss. With a maximum leverage of 200:1, however, IG is in our experience rather in the lower range of Forex brokers. Other providers offer significantly higher leverage, which increases the chances of profit, but also the risk for the trader.

The spread, i.e. the costs per transaction that are deducted directly, is at IG values from 0.8 pips. Compared to the competition, this benchmark is very low, but only applies to a few currency pairs. Some other pairs have a spread of up to 200.

Trading with IG Markets mobile

The range of different trading software on offer at IG is very broad. In our test we could not only use external programs like the popular MateTrader4 and ProRealTime. L2Dealer for professional traders and an own trading platform, which convinced by functionality and stability, were also available. Mobile Trading Apps for Blackberry, Android, Windows and iOS are also available. In our experience, this was a rich offer that definitely convinced us.

Deposit and Withdrawal

IG Markets is less positive in the area of deposits and withdrawals. Although the latter is done dutifully and the money is on the account within a few days, deposits and withdrawals are only available by bank transfer and credit card. In addition, 1.5% transaction costs are added as fees for deposits via credit card. In general these two transaction possibilities are safe, but in today’s time simply too little.

Bonus and special offers

Leider IG completely renounces deposit bonuses and other special offers, which promise you more money to trade. Only the “customer recruits customer” area can lead to a slight increase of the account in the form of a bonus.

No minimum deposit – directly traden

A full account can be opened from one euro. While the competition requires minimum deposits of at least 50 euros, IG Markets is very customer-friendly here. Beyond that there is also no minimum transaction size, so that prospective customers can already enter with 5 euro and begin with the trade.

77 currency pairs, over 7.000 CFDs

The number of tradable underlyings is impressing: Among the altogether 77 currency pairs, which are available for the Forexhandel, virtual and exotic pairs are also. More than 7,000 CFDs add an important component to IG Markets’ offering, which is also only available in a slimmed-down form from other brokers.

Rich Education Center

Additional functions such as a live message field are built into the trading platform. In addition, the Education Center offers interesting video courses, webinars, seminars in German and actually everything that beginners and professional traders can use for further training. Market data are given, analyses and news are called and an economic calendar is likewise part of the offer.

As a special addition, all customers are provided with a 14-day free demo account. With the IG demo account you can become acquainted with the market with 10.000 virtual euro and try out strategies at a demo.

Overall evaluation: So well is IG Markets

The enormous respectability and reliability of IG is in connection with the stable trading system and a rich educational offer as well as the small Spread one of the main arguments, why you should register yourselves with IG Markets. We can overlook here over the low lever of 200:1 and would like to recommend the offerer to all, which would like to trade really seriously and professionally with foreign exchange.


For the trade with finances I looked for a genuine Allrounder and found this in my opinion with the market leader IG Markets also. CFD trading, Forex trading and binary options trading are the possibilities that are offered to me by the expert. Up-to-date I use still all trade chances, would like me however in the next time to specialize, in order to have better chances on a profit.

written before 48 months


At this point I would like to thank the support of IG once again! The employees really help with every problem that occurs in connection with their software. In terms of content, too, most of the customer service staff have been able to help me in a simple and straightforward way to make a direct profit. I fully praise the customer service and would like to point out that unlike the article mentioned, I always have a live chat available for all kinds of questions. Also there the employees are very friendly. IG has managed to create a certain customer loyalty for me. I will probably not change my Forex broker again. The market leader has somewhat higher fees, it is worthwhile itself however perfectly.

written 46 months ago


outside I can only to the Forex Trading with IG Markets. Further experiences with CFD trading and binary options I haven’t made yet. But Forex trading offers me very good levers, which are not too risky but also not too low. There are now over 80 currency pairs on which I can bet at IG. If I don’t know what to do at a certain rate, I just take a look at the Education Center. All the necessary information is served directly to me there. Unfortunately I made the mistake of not appreciating the free demo account enough at the beginning. Now the 14 day trial period is over and I can’t simply test my strategies and tactics at IG without problems and risks. I think IG should make this demo account available for even longer.

written 43 months ago


Many brokers seem to pursue education only as an alibi. Not so with IG. Here this topic is taken absolutely seriously and the investor has access to numerous contents.

written before 38 months