The Broker 24option currently advertises that it offers 24 hour chat support. Whoever comes to the homepage of 24option is already welcomed with it. At the bottom right a small window opens which offers the possibility to contact 24option directly via chat.

Who wants to use the chat contact of 24option can do so within a few seconds. After the Chat window opened, the user can select e.g. that he would like to use the German Chat support. At the same time it must be mentioned, how the own name is and under which email address one can be reached. After both fields have been filled in, the message text can be entered. If you have a question about the 24option offer, you can formulate it directly and get answers. After the text has been sent, a dialog window will open in which you have to wait for the answer. If the chat participant is in a waiting loop, this is also displayed.

How long does the chat with 24option in the test take until a first answer?

In our practice test the chat with 24option answers within less than 2 minutes and that in German language. Our test question was answered quickly and satisfactorily.

What can I do with 24option trading?

Who wants to start trading with 24option can do this without problems with a trading account. It is recruited with the fact that a net yield at a value of up to 88% is disbursed. To the kind of the binary options, which can be noticed with 24option rank also in such a way specified 60 seconds options. The well-known high and low options can also be exercised. In the area of underlyings, over 100 different currency pairs are offered, which can be used with 24 options. There is also the possibility that stocks and commodities can also be used for trading with 24option.

How do I learn something about binary options with 24option?

Who wants to start trading with 24option can learn a lot on the Internet. It is possible that for example a free eBook can be downloaded, which helps to understand and use binary options. It is also possible that in the segment of binary options a lot can be learned about tactics and about the design of options.

If 24option is a serious broker?

The broker 24option is undoubtedly one of the most serious and at the same time one of the largest brokers in the industry. It should be noted that 24option is regulated. The broker is based in Europe and more precisely in Cyprus. For traders, this means that there is regulation via the CySec and therefore 24option can be traded easily and without any major concerns. As far as support is concerned, it is not only available via chat, but also over the telephone, for example. The chat support worked very well in the practical test and shows that with 24option a lot can be regulated via chat. The service times of the support are clearly more extensive, than it is the case with many other brokers. The support of 24option can be perceived not only in German, but also in many other languages.