The online broker Finexo currently offers trading in over 55 currency pairs. This can easily be done directly over the internet after opening an account with the broker. In practice, Finexo is one of the most modern brokers in the world and, above all, it is based within the EU, which means that traders benefit from more extensive hedging than is the case with other brokers based outside the EU offshore.

What trading options can I take advantage of with Finexo?

The trading offer of the broker Finexo is very extensive. Traders can trade both Forex and CFD. There are numerous underlyings that can be used. This means, for example, that currently more than 55 different currency pairs can be used to start trading. In addition, commodities as well as stocks and indices are offered in order to start trading. Bonds can also be traded via Forex trading.

Whoever wants to use the trading offer on Finexo can start trading with the MetaTrader 4 software as well as Sirix and Webtrader. The market is much more liquid than many other markets, so there is a lot of movement in Forex trading.

There are a total of over 55 currency pairs that can be used when trading at Finexo is started, which is really much more than it is the case with most competitors. The trade can be used 5 days a week, Monday to Friday 24 hours a day.

There is the possibility that 1:300 leverage can be used and the broker advertises with tight spreads and without commissions.

Is Finexo a secure broker?

The broker Finexo belongs to the company Leadcapital Markets Ltd. which is based in Cyprus and therefore within the EU. Concretely the customers can notice the service e.g. over a telephone number in Great Britain. Beyond that there is a live Chat, which can be used, in order to step accordingly with the broker directly over its homepage into contact. A callback function is unfortunately not offered here.

Which account models can be perceived at Finexo?

Customers can choose the Classic, Gold and Platinum account models at Finexo. All three accounts can be managed according to deposits. There is the possibility that the money can be deposited at Finexo in many different ways. In practice, this means that funds can be deposited with a MasterCard or Visa credit card, for example. Money can also be deposited via Maestro and Visa Electron. If you wish, you can also use Skrill and Neteller to deposit money into your Finexo trading account.

It is necessary to deposit at least 1,000 Euros into your Finexo trading account in order to start trading. The account can, for example, be managed in Euro but also in US Dollar or British Pound. Finexo is a modern broker, which is especially interesting for CFD clients who want to become active in CFD trading with the help of currency pair trading, for example. The offer is here clearly more extensive, than it with most other brokers the case is. In the long run, trading CFDs via Finexo is recommended, but the risk should of course be known if trading in this way. Those who decide to trade with Finexo will find all the information on their homepage – of course also in different languages.