The Swiss broker Dukascopy offers traders a very broad spectrum of markets and thus also tradable securities. Initially, a broad selection of underlying securities is available for CFD trading. In addition, currencies can also be traded directly. Furthermore, Dukascopy offers investors the opportunity to try their hand at trading binary options. Stumbling blocks and dangers lurk, especially in the context of entry, which can cost many young investors a lot of money and then also the desire to trade. Against this background, it is also a great advantage that Dukascopy offers its customers a specific demo account for each type of trade.

In addition, traders at Dukascopy can access a very broad range of market information and training. The contents and offers, which are available via the online broker Dukascopy, have aroused our interest and we wanted to know how these things are put into practice. In our following review, however, we would not only like to go into the services and support options, but also answer the question for the reader as to how confident they can feel about Dukascopy. We want to exclude the possibility that fraud or rip-offs are the order of the day.

The experiences at a glance

We have subjected the Online Broker Dukascopy to a relatively detailed test and thereby looked at a number of features and categories. Before we go into the various individual aspects in detail, in this first section we would first like to present our most important experiences, which we made in the course of our test. The first thing that stands out is the great variety that this online broker has to offer his customers. A first look at the Dukascopy website reveals that the trading offer not only includes CFD trading in stocks, commodities, indices and currencies, but that a special account can also be opened for trading in gold. A third option available to traders is trading with the binary option instrument. Here, too, you can rely on the price performance of underlyings from the common areas. We were also highly impressed by the offer that Dukascopy makes available to traders in connection with trading. Our first glance was at the TV section. Here, self-produced formats are regularly added. Traders can benefit from current market assessments, technical analyses and specific strategy proposals.

However, the range of information and training on offer is also impressive and represents genuine support for the trade. All content is available in German. Beside the large selection for the trade and the appropriate support Dukascopy offers also direct service on high level. The Online Broker has various branches around the world, which can be contacted directly by telephone. In addition, a callback service is offered. Customers also have a wide choice when it comes to the platform that can be used for trading. Of course, the MetaTrader, one of the most widely used platforms, is available for download. In addition, several other platform variants are also available, including a browser-based version. According to our impression and our experiences with Dukascopy in the course of our test, this online broker can be regarded as a provider offering a wide range of services for and around trading. What it looks like in the area of security and seriousness, we would like to clarify in the following section.

Check: Is Dukascopy a serious online broker?

The online broker Dukascopy is a company from Switzerland, which has its own banking license. Only on this basis it can be trusted that it concerns an absolutely respectable offerer, with whom neither with fraud nor with Abzocke must be counted. However, we were also able to establish a reliable and fair relationship with our customers in the course of our test. First of all, the transparent terms and conditions, which are also reliably implemented and adhered to, have a serious effect. Should any questions arise in connection with trade, it is very easy to reach a responsible employee by telephone who can provide competent information.

The offer

As already mentioned, the customers who choose the online broker Dukascopy as their trading partner have a very wide range of options. This selection also refers to the account formats that are available for selection. On the positive side, there is no difference in the amount of deposit for each type of account. In principle, all traders can access Dukascopy’s full range of services regardless of the amount of the deposit or the trading volume. The fact that there are nevertheless different accounts to choose from is solely due to the fact that separate accounts must be opened for CFD trading, trading in gold or trading in binary options. A further plus point that we found in our test is the fact that a demo account is also provided for each individual area. We would now like to deal with the respective trading types and the associated accounts separately and in more detail.

CFD Trading with many Underlyings

In our estimation, a certain focus can be seen in the offer for trading with CFD products. The Online Broker pursues the strategy of offering its customers a small but well-structured selection of underlying securities for trading. Like with almost all CFD brokers, the offering includes the categories equities, stock indices, commodities and currency pairs. Let’s start by looking at the available currency pairs. With around 50 combinations, there is an impressive selection available for leveraged trading. As expected, the majors play an important role, i.e. the internationally most heavily traded currencies Euro, US Dollar, Japanese Yen and British Pound. In addition, a number of other currencies can also be traded in various combinations via CFD. Among other things, traders can access the Turkish lira, the Russian rouble and, how else could it be with a Swiss provider, also the Swiss franc. The dollar currencies of Canada, Singapore and New Zealand are also available. In this segment, Dukascopy also has the Swedish krona and the South African rand in its range. So the range of currencies on offer leaves nothing to be desired.

The trader also has a choice of levers that can be used here. A leverage ratio of 1:100, 1:200 or even 1:300 can be set. The corresponding conditions and margin requirements are displayed in interactive tables. In the commodities area, the precious metals gold and silver as well as the energy values natural gas and oil are available for trading. Agricultural products, on the other hand, cannot be traded via Dukascopy. However, the selection in the indices area is somewhat broader. The most important stocks from Europe, Asia and the USA are available. For example, the Dax or EuroSTOXX can be traded, while the Asian indices from Japan and Hong Kong are offered. From the USA the Dow Jones, the Nasdaq and the SP are in the program. The leverage cannot be set here, it is consistently at 1:100. Finally, a look at the stock CFDs, where around 40 individual stocks can be traded with individually adjustable leverage. The German market plays a special role in the selection, as all Dax stocks are represented. In addition, there are several other stocks from the second series of German stocks on offer. Further shares are not represented against it.

Also trade with binary options possible

Besides the trade with CFDs in many places also the instrument of the binary options as important form of trade became generally accepted. Especially for private investors, who still have rather little experience in trading with leveraged instruments, this instrument offers a comparatively easy-to-use trading option. In the basic version, trading binary options does not require more than correctly predicting whether a certain value will rise or fall. In the case of Dukascopy, in principle the same values can be accessed that are also available in the CFD area. This means that in addition to a wide selection of currency pairs, international indices and German stocks are available for trading. The average profit rates offered are between 50 percent and 70 percent per trade. According to Dukascopy, it is also possible to freely select the expiry rates for transactions.

In addition, a wide selection of other instruments can be accessed in a further area (stock options). The range includes a comprehensive selection of the markets Asia / Pacific, Europe and America. Options can also be used to benefit from stocks in the markets of Norway, Switzerland, France or Great Britain. The American markets include Argentina, Brazil, Canada and the USA.

Other accounts available

As already mentioned, Dukascopy is a company with a classic banking license. For this reason, some other services can also be used, such as a gold account or a current account. With these offers the offerer addresses itself particularly to customers, who would like to bring their money before possible economic turbulences in security, which are to be observed at the international financial markets again and again. The precious metal gold or even the Swiss franc as a safe currency is a good choice. With the gold account, holdings of this precious metal can be built up and managed cost-effectively. The current account works in a similar way to a classic current account. Savings can be deposited here, just as it is possible to have an individually agreed credit line. The account is held in Swiss francs.

In total, Dukascopy is not a classic online broker who concentrates exclusively on trading in leveraged products. In addition to binary options as an additional variant, some more classical banking services can also be used.

Bonus for trading binary options

As mentioned above, Dukascopy is not an online broker in the classical sense. Nevertheless, it is possible to fall back on a classic bonus. Such a bonus has almost become the standard in the industry. Background is the tendency of online brokers to attract attention in the large selection of different providers. In addition, a bonus also offers incentives to deposit more money and generate higher turnover in the trade. However, the bonus offer only applies to trading with binary options. A corresponding sub-account must also be opened for this purpose. A bonus of up to 100 percent can then be applied for on the paid-in capital. However, this additional capital is initially to be understood exclusively as virtual capital, which can be used in trading, but which is not so easily paid out. For this extensive conditions must be fulfilled in the trade. First of all, it is necessary that sales of 40 times the desired payout amount have been achieved. In addition, no payments may be made from the trading account before these requirements have been met, as the bonus claim is completely or at least partially lost.

Deposit and payment by bank transfer or credit card

For the deposits and payments, which are of course also necessary with Dukascopy before you can start trading, there are various options available. The easiest way is of course for customers who have a normal account with this bank. This allows money to be transferred directly from the current account to the trading account. However, such an account is by no means a prerequisite for trading binary options or CFDs. Of course, money can also be easily transferred by credit card.

The services of Visa and MasterCard as well as the debit card provider Maestro are accepted. While it is not possible to pay money in or out with an internet-based service provider, Dukascopy offers its customers to capitalize the account with a classic bank transfer. While the process can be carried out in a very short time with a credit card or with your own account, with the classic bank transfer it is to be expected that it takes a few working days until the money is available on the trading account and can be used in the trade.

Security and regulation at a high level

As a company with a classic banking license, Dukascopy can also offer its customers a high standard of security. Switzerland, which is responsible for the regulation of this provider, does not belong to the European Union, so that in principle somewhat different regulations apply. It can be assumed, however, that at least similarly strict regulations will apply in Switzerland in order to protect the interests of customers. This also includes, among other things, deposit insurance, which can cover up to 100,000 Swiss francs in the event of economic problems or even insolvency of Dukascopy.

Dukascopy with good support

With regard to customer service, which traders can expect from Dukascopy, it is also evident to a certain extent that it is a bank and a more traditional provider. Thus at present no live Chat is offered, in order to give the possibility to the customers of taking up uncomplicated contact to an coworker. This may be unusual, but is not a significant disadvantage. Our experience has shown that telephone support is also very easy to reach. The branch office in Switzerland can be reached directly during trading hours. In addition, it is possible to place a callback request, which experience has shown to be handled very quickly. The third way to reach the support is to write an e-mail. While the direct support around the trade can thus be assessed very competently and friendly, a very extensive offer is held ready for the support also beyond that.

Many offers on user-friendly web page

To be able to use the extensive support offer, a quite user-friendly web page can be fallen back on. Since the offer is altogether very broadly staggered and complex, the prospective customer should take itself however first some time, in order to make itself familiar with the different ranges. In any case, it becomes clear that the provider is very keen to provide the customer with all the necessary information about the trade. In addition, there is a large selection of platforms where, in addition to the MetaTrader, there are two other specific offers to choose from. After a short familiarization period, these platforms can also be used very well in trading.

Mobile Apps offer additional flexibility in trading

The offer of mobile trading is of course also available to Dukascopy customers. It is very easy to download a special app for each individual trading segment, i.e. trading CFDs or binary options, and install it on the mobile device. The corresponding apps are available free of charge on the website. In our experience, problems with the installation as well as with the use of this offer are not to be expected, since the control is very closely oriented to the possibilities of the regular platforms.

Fazit – Dukascopy offers the best conditions for trading

With Dukascopy we have tested a provider for trading CFDs and binary options, which not only offers its customers the best possibilities in the trade, but also scores with an extensive offer around the trade. This includes our own TV offer as well as other video formats dealing with current developments and special offers from Dukascopy. As a company which also has a banking licence in Switzerland, a high level of security and reliability can also be expected. Customers do not have to reckon with fraud or rip-off. In addition, Dukascopy can also be used for other services, such as a gold account or a current account.

While for a longer time among investors herumgesprochen itself that in the range of the direct plant at the financial markets clearly higher net yields are possible, than with conventional variants, which are offered by the banks, gains now also Trading among private investors in meaning. Contrary to the classical plant, with which the participants buy shares, funds or loans and set thereby on a on a long-term basis positive value development, it concerns in the Trading stronger the utilization of short term price developments. One reason why trading is enjoying growing popularity may also be that the returns that can be generated here in one day are as high as the performance of some equity portfolios over several years. In concrete terms, it is possible with products such as binary options to almost double the stake within a few minutes with a simple transaction. Online brokers, such as Bloombex Options, already offer the possibility of trading returns of up to 82 percent with simple options. But if it is a constant at the financial markets, then it is the connection, after which high net yield possibilities always high loss risks oppose.

Beside the form of trade itself this applies naturally also to the partner, with whom they would like to complete the trade. The selection is very extensive in this range and increases besides continuously. In order to find the appropriate online broker for trading with binary options, a thorough comparison should be made wherever possible. In order to make it easier for the traders, we take different offerers into the view and tested thereby this time Bloombex options.

Our experiences in the overview

Who looks around within the broad offer of different on-line brokers for the trading of binary options roughly, gains fast the impression that all representatives seem to play in the champions League. However, the actual status of an online broker only becomes apparent in practice. In the case of Bloombex Options, we can already see so much at this point, but we agree with announcements in the external presentation and opportunities for investors to a pleasingly high degree. On the basis of a technically flawless platform, it is possible to enter trading directly after the uncomplicated registration.

On the basis of a broad educational and support offer, even beginners have it very easy to get an overview of the functions and possibilities. Since for the start into the trade only 300 euro must be deposited, can also with a justifiable risk into the trade be entered. In addition to the browser-based platform, a mobile version can also be used for trading, which is also available free of charge. Should there be problems or demand for other aspects, it is also very easy to organise help by telephone or live chat. Last but not least, the aspect of processing deposits and withdrawals was also convincing. Based on a wide range of options, this process was handled quickly and easily. While thus with regard to trade and support best conditions prevail, we would like to enter in the now following section on the aspect of the Seriosität more exactly.

Bloombex in the check: Fraud or respectable?

Immer again we point out in our reviews to pay attention not only to the net yields and the trade possibilities, but first to examine whether it concerns a respectable offerer. Unfortunately, this is not always easy to determine at first glance. This is especially true if, as with Bloombex Options, it is not a provider with a regulation. It is true that the company is based in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria and therefore in an EU member state. Apparently, however, the transactions are carried out by a server outside the EU, so that no regulation is required.

The assessment as to whether a provider is serious must therefore be based solely on concrete experience. There is at least no reason to doubt the reliability of Bloombex Options. In trading, the transactions are executed reliably and on the basis of precise prices. We have also found a trustworthy partner in Bloombex Options for deposits and withdrawals. In addition, no negative reports about fraud or rip-offs have become known in recent years. On this basis it can therefore be assumed that this is a reliable and reputable partner for trading in binary options.

Offer: Underlyings, Trading Conditions

Next, we would like to take a closer look at the offer on the basis of which traders can participate in trading in binary options. Unlike traditional investments, traders do not invest directly in a stock, commodity or currency, but rather in an instrument based on it. Therefore, the supply of tradable underlyings is also limited. In the case of Bloombex Options, a total of around 60 underlying securities are available for trading.

In the case of online brokers for trading in binary options, it has become generally accepted that the four categories of stocks, stock indices, commodities and currency pairs can be used. The composition within these categories is very different, which is why an important characteristic for the respective online broker can be seen here. In our experience, it is particularly important to have a selection of underlyings that cover as broad a spectrum of regions, sectors and economic cycles as possible. In addition, there are various instruments for trading with which the possibilities for the trader are enormously expanded, especially with regard to returns. We would now like to deal with both aspects.

About 60 underlyings are available

The available underlyings for Bloombex Options are also distributed among the four categories mentioned. With about 20 individual stocks each, the selection in the area of stocks and stock indices is somewhat larger than for commodities with seven stocks and currencies, where twelve combinations can be selected. The selection of equities is quite varied. This ranges from car values such as Rolls Royce and Nissan, to the sporting goods manufacturer Nike, to American bank stocks and energy companies from Russia. It can actually be used in many different industries, but the respective selection is rather small. Traders should therefore first take a close look at whether the stocks they wish to bet on in trading are included.

The possibility of betting on the development of entire sectors or regions is better offered by stock indices anyway. For example, the American Nasdaq offers the opportunity to bet on the US technology sector. A stronger focus on European industrial stocks is possible with the Dax or the French CAC. In addition, there are a number of other indices available for trading that can be used to speculate on very specific segments. These include, for example, the Malaysian KL Future, the Kuwait General Index and the TA 25, the index that comprises the most important companies in the Israeli market. The commodity market can also rely on different global developments. The level of prices in particular is regarded as an important indicator of the economic state of the world.

Alongside this, however, the precious metals gold, silver and platinum are also on the list of trading pairs of underlyings. The online broker’s offer is rounded off by a selection of agricultural products, including coffee, wheat and sugar. One of the segments that receives the most attention globally is currency trading. There is no betting on individual currencies by buying them directly, but there are a total of 12 combinations to choose from, so that you can bet on the ratio of different currencies. A large part of the currency trade is accounted for by the world’s leading currencies US Dollar, Euro, British Pound and Japanese Yen. These currencies are also available in various combinations in Bloombex Options for option trading. Traders can also choose from other combinations, including the South African Rand currency, the Turkish Lira and another dollar currency from Singapore. Bloombex Options also includes the Swiss franc and the Russian rouble in its program.


To date, we have only focused on the simple options, which, from the investor’s perspective, are solely about correctly predicting whether the price of the underlying asset will rise or fall. In Bloombex Options, traders have different expiration periods at their disposal. In intraday trading, traders can first decide whether they want to make the forecast for a few minutes, an hour or several hours. In addition, long-term binary options are also offered, where the aim is to correctly forecast the performance for several days, a week, a month or even over a quarter. Normally, the periods expire at the end of a certain period. On the other hand, there is the area for short-term options. Periods between 30 seconds and 300 seconds are available.

With these simple options, traders can expect yields in the range of 70 to 80 percent per transaction. In the point thereby even values of up to 82 per cent are possible. Beyond that in addition, instruments are available, which offer still higher net yields, whereby then naturally also the risk for the loss of the capital employment rises. These include the variants One Touch and Ladder, where the payout amount can ideally rise to up to seven 100 percent. Another variant that traders can use for Bloombex options is the Bloombex Follow mode, a version of social trading. With just a few clicks it is possible to observe other traders first and follow them directly if necessary. This gives traders the opportunity to follow the best top traders of Bloombex Options directly and profit from their returns generated on the market.

The possibilities presented here offer investors a very broad spectrum for trading with binary options. At present, only a single account type is available for this purpose.

Bonus for new customers

Traders who, when looking for an online broker, are primarily interested in the possibility of receiving additional trading capital in the form of a bonus will not find what they are looking for at Bloombex Options. Also other bonus achievements, like for instance friendship advertisement or a Cash back program we did not stumble with this on-line broker. So while bonus hunters won’t make any booty here, the offers of yield, support and training as well as the underlyings and instruments are so good in our experience that the missing bonus doesn’t represent a decisive disadvantage.

Deposit and payout

Possibly not a decisive, but nevertheless a very important criterion for the evaluation of an online broker are the possibilities how money can be transferred to the trading account and how payouts are processed. In addition to the variants provided for this purpose, the speed with which the corresponding transactions are processed is also important. While deposits are usually made very quickly, various providers take a little longer to pay out. Especially when the money is urgently needed on the current account, this is quite annoying. Specifically, for the processing of financial transactions, the providers MasterCard, VISA, Wire Transfer, PayPal, Moneybookers and CashU work together. In the case of the credit card providers, the deposits are actually made in real time, i.e. you can enter the trade directly after completing the transaction. For other service providers, this may take 1 to 2 hours. For payouts, on the other hand, the promise applies to process corresponding orders as quickly as possible. Our experience has shown that it can take 2 to 3 days for the money to reach the current account. But this is a fair value.

Security and regulation

We would like to return to the topic of security at this point. We had already mentioned the lack of regulation, and the corresponding restrictions should be taken into account by the customers. This includes, above all, the fact that the management of deposits cannot be based on European standards. Deposit protection is not part of the Bloombex Options service either. In addition, modern software is used from a technical point of view to protect customers’ data. All in all, you can rely on a good, but not outstanding, security standard. This should be considered individually when determining the credit balance to be paid into the Bloombex Options trading account.

support and customer service

With regard to support in trading but also in case of technical problems, we have found a very good offer at Bloombex Options. The international online broker offers a hotline in several languages, including German. The employees are both competent and friendly, so that the solution of a problem is solved very quickly. It is advisable to search for an answer in the FAQ section beforehand. What also convinced us was the offer in the area of further education and support. This includes an E Book, a glossary and a training centre with numerous courses and video offers. Investors, who want to develop themselves continuously and purposefully further, find best conditions with Bloombex options after our experience before.

User friendliness of the web page

Also the web page, which is made available by the offerer, offers the visitors as well as the customers best possibilities of heading for the numerous interesting contents purposefully. From the asset index to the available instruments to the training centre, the desired content can be accessed directly. And the platform itself was also convincing. Clearly designed, it offers an easy introduction for all those who are dealing with the trading of binary options for the first time. Nevertheless, even experienced traders do not have to reckon with restrictions in the selection of instruments and underlying securities.

Mobile App

Experience shows that a growing proportion of trading in stock exchange products of various kinds is no longer carried out at home, but on the move with the help of smartphones. A mobile solution is now part of the standard offering of a modern online broker. Bloombex Options also has one of these in the form of two apps in its program. For iOS and Android a suitable version can be downloaded for free. Anyone who has initially approached the trade with the browser-based platform will have little trouble switching to the mobile version. And there is also no need to do without underlying assets or instruments.


In this review we have looked at the conditions and opportunities that traders can expect from the online broker Bloombex Options. All in all we had positive experiences, especially the wide range of instruments for trading was convincing. Not only extremely short-term trading is possible, but also a long-term perspective with maturities of months and quarters. With a maximum yield on classic options of 82 percent, Bloombex Options is in the upper midfield. In trading, however, the average return is adjusted to a somewhat lower level.

For trading itself, only an account version is offered, so that there are no differences in the use of additional services. All Trader can access starting from a minimum deposit of 300 euro to a comprehensive education offer. Also the support can be called very competent and effective due to our experience. Traders with a high need for security, on the other hand, will regard the absence of regulation as a weakness. Nevertheless, we did not perceive the provider as dubious. So there is no need to fear fraud or rip-off.

The online casino of 14Red is one of those providers that may not yet have the level of recognition that other providers have. That is however still for a long time no reason not to regard this offerer nevertheless more exactly. Our 14Red experiences have shown that it concerns a respectable offerer with valid gambling license. Beyond that we determined that among other things also the play offer can please.

On the market of on-line Casinos there is still or other black sheep, which works rather unseriös. However, there is no 14Red scam here, so you don’t have to worry.

Our experiences at a glance

The 14Red experiences are very good overall. We liked the fact that you can play a lot of different games there. However, it is noticeable that the focus is clearly on the slot machines. Although card games and table games are available, compared to the slots in much smaller numbers. But there is also a live casino, where you can find a variety of classics, but also some innovations.

In the context of our 14Red experience we have not only the offer of games. We have also taken on areas such as support, payment methods, usability of the site or the welcome bonus. We present our results in this review.

14Red in check: There is no fraud or serious?

14Red fraud. This means that this provider is absolutely serious. There are a number of points that speak for it. There would be for example the license from Curacao. If a casino has no license at all, then you should not open an account there! Playing with such a provider would not be really safe! In addition, you will also find some other clues at the bottom of the page, which speak for the serious character of the provider. These include, for example, the Gamcare logo and a logo that points to secure SSL connections.

Not to be forgotten in this point are the payment methods. Among them are well-known service providers such as MasterCard, Neteller, Skrill, Visa or Sofortüberweisung. These Dienstleister would want to enter just as little a partnership with the Casino as the considerable Provider of the plays, if it would concern a dubious offerer.

The offers with 14Red

The Casino offer stands with this offerer completely clearly in the foreground. This Portfolio does not contain a separate Pokerraum, which some other Casinos have to offer. Nevertheless some poker variants are usable for you also in the normal play range.

Online Casino

Our 14Red experiences are positive in the range of on-line casinos. You’ll find a lot of games there, which not only provide amusement, but also the chance to win. Particularly numerous are represented thereby slot machines. Under the manufacturers for slot machines you find well-known sizes such as NetEnt, Play’n’Go or High 5 Games. Classics like Starburst or never-tiring hits like Book of Dead are part of the product range. But there are also jackpots on board, not just normal slot games. Jackpot Jester or Codename: Jackpots are only two of the available slot machines. Unfortunately we were missing well-known games like Arabian Nights, Mega Fortune or Mega Moolah.

As it should be for a decent casino – table games and card games. Baccarat, Roulette or Blackjack belong to it. It is noticeable however that the table plays and card plays remain numerically clearly behind the Slots. Thus there is not the completely large abundance at plays, although for instance the Blackjack range with a few good variants can trump can. Among other things, the rather unusual variations Switch and Surrender are on board. A much larger selection can be found in the live casino of the provider. We think it’s successful that you can search there for games of different manufacturers. In addition to the well-known table and card classics, you will also find the Dreamcatcher, a game that goes a new way. Because this is a game with a wheel of fortune, which is also operated and commented by a real casino employee.

If you are looking for games that may not fit into a casino, this provider also has something to offer. Keno, Bingo or scratch cards are included under the category “Other”. Perfect if you ever need a break from cards, chips and roulette balls.


Poker has become a very popular game in recent years and has celebrated a small resurrection. There is no own Pokerraum with this offerer, nevertheless a good number at Pokerspielen. Also represented are variants such as Three-Card Poker or Carribean Stud. Well like find like that there is the Casino Hold’em also in a live version.

The starting side of 14Red
The starting side of 14Red

14Red Casino bonus: Up to 1.200€ + 150 Free Spins

The 14Red Bonus differs in one way or another from other bonuses in the casinos of this world. For example, the bonus is not only paid out as part of the first deposit. The provider takes the first three deposits on board. For the first deposit there are 200% up to 600€ and 50 free spins. For the deposits two and three there are each up to 300 Euro and also 50 free spins waiting for you. However, the deposits are then only rated with 100% or 50%. It is important that there is a separate bonus code for each deposit. This consists of the word RED with the respective percentage behind it. Nothing is known about a minimum deposit, furthermore certain payment methods are not excluded. On the contrary: There is even a bonus for the use of certain payment methods. However, this promotion is not the subject of this text.

The wagering requirements require the casino to make 20 times the wagering of the deposit amount and bonus amount. So if you deposit 100 Euros and play with 200 Euros, you have to convert 4,000 Euros. However, the rules of the turnover conditions also include further points. The maximum stake may not exceed 20% of the real money balance. If you should do this nevertheless, then there is a violation of the turnover conditions. This results in the cancellation of the bonus and the winnings you have earned with this bonus.

In addition, different conversion rules apply to the respective games of the casino. While the stakes on slots and “all other games” are fully counted, all card games and table games are only 10%. You have to keep in mind that there is obviously no black list of slots and that the live games are also included. The 14Red bonus proves to be generous here, as this is not the case with all providers. A deadline is a little unclear. In the bonus terms and conditions there is talk of a deadline of 15 days – but this applies in the event that bonuses were not claimed within this period. Whether the turnover conditions must be fulfilled also within this period, does not result from it.

Deposits and payouts in the Casino

The offerer makes a very clear list available in this point. From this list you can see that there is a good selection at 14Red. You can deposit by Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Sofortüberweisung, Trustly, Giropay, ecoPayz or Paysafecard. Note that not all payment methods are available in all countries. But the provider also solves this elegantly, because an extra column in the table shows for which country the respective payment method is available. What we have missed in this table, however, is information about limits or possible fees. Instead, it is shown for which payment methods the already mentioned extra bonus is available.

There is no separate table for the payment options. This is also not necessary, because in the general terms and conditions there is information about the payout policy. From this it can be seen that the amount that was originally paid in is also credited via the same option. The difference is transferred to the bank account. With a deposit of 100€ by Visa card and 300€ payout of winnings, 100€ will be transferred back to the Visa card. The remaining 200€ will be transferred to your account by bank transfer. This procedure is part of the Anti-Money Laundering Act. In addition, all methods that have no direct withdrawal function – the Paysafecard, for example, falls into this category – are transferred directly to the account.

Security and regulation

The points security and seriousness are given in this casino. We have already mentioned the license from Curacao in this context. This gaming license can be found at many casinos on the market. The fact that it is not an EU, but an offshore license is not to your disadvantage. Because also the authorities of Curacao expect from a casino that it plays cleanly, fairly and tidily. Otherwise it would not even issue such a license. Of course, fair play, data protection, data security and the like are also carefully checked by the authorities that issue an offshore license.

You will find logos of Gamcare and GamblingTherapy at the bottom of the page. These are organizations that see themselves as contact points in the fight against gambling addiction. This means that the provider does not neglect this point either. There is even a dedicated section where you can find, among other things, a list of questions that will help you identify a problem early on. Also at the bottom of the page is a logo with three letters, which are very important for security: SSL. This means that your connections are secure and up to date.

Customer service

14Red’s customer service makes a solid overall impression. Support is active on a number of fronts, with live chat being a notable feature. Even if it does not make at first sight perhaps the impression: The Chat is available also in German language. If you are addressed in English or French in the chat, then simply ask for a German-speaking employee. If available, you will be forwarded accordingly. The employees themselves are friendly and will help you in a competent way. In addition to the chat, there is also a contact form where you can correspond with the support in writing. An email address is also available.

If you don’t want to contact the support directly, you have the possibility to visit a help area with FAQs. There you will find different topics like questions about payment, security or technical things. A click on the topic leads to the questions, another click presents the answers.

Usability in Online Casino

We can describe the usability as very successful. At 14Red all information is displayed transparently, also the selection of games is presented in a clear way. It would only have been nice to have dedicated a separate section to the jackpots. Otherwise, the colors of the page are very pleasant. We also liked the help menu, where we compactly find all the details you need. The page is also in German. Only the terms and conditions are in english language.

Mobile App

There is the possibility to access the games from on the way. But you have to make some compromises on this point. For example, there are only a few table games and card games. The Live Casino is not available in the mobile version. In addition, there is no 14Red app available in the classic sense. If you want to play mobile, you don’t need a 14Red app to download. You simply use the browser of your tablet or smartphone and go to the mobile page about it.

Result: 14Red with some air up

Our experiences were good in the 14Red test. Although the slots are clearly in the majority, knew in addition, the offer at Blackjack to convince roulette and CO. to convince, since there different variants could be found. Nevertheless it would not be bad to develop this range and to adapt to the level of the live casino. Unfortunately, this live offer is not available in the mobile version, which was implemented via web app. We liked the support not only because of its live chat in German language very much. The other options like e-mail contact form and help area with FAQ also left a good impression. And even if PayPal is missing, we think the choice of payment methods is positive. The provider is secure and reputable, which is especially evident by the valid license from Curacao. What we also liked is the bonus for new customers, which takes the first three deposits into account and includes free games as well as money. Altogether a good appearance, although the mobile range still has clearly air upward.

Attention: At the beginning of May 2017 the provider PKR filed for insolvency and discontinued the poker platform. Please therefore select a other online poker provider.

If you have visited one or the other poker room in the course of time, as usual, to pursue your hobby, PKR gives you the impression that you have lost your way. Who loaded itself the appropriate and somewhat extensive program on the computer will be astonished, what expects it here. At first glance, one wonders whether one is playing poker or in a casino. But how does it look with a more exact view out?

Even if it concerns clearly an animated Pokerraum that does not mean that one, like with the competitors, its Pokerleidenschaft pursue and otherwise be quiet should. With PKR one has interactive Mitspielmöglichkeiten. Here you can behave like the director of a television station. This starts with the camera angle, which you can set at your discretion, and ends with interactive activities. In fact, you can beam yourself into the poker room and if you feel like it, hit the table with your fist.

It takes a little getting used to playing poker here, you have to admit. But once the familiarization phase is over, it can be really fun to play here. Somehow one is actually in a kind Casino, we call it Poker Casino. That should hit the nail on the head, as even an inexperienced player has a realistic chance of winning. With many of the fellow players, on whom one meets here, one could actually believe it would come only, in order to spend money. Many people play badly and have no idea what they’re doing, but they do. A little caution is nevertheless required, since in the meantime also the professional gamblers have come behind this secret and can therefore be seen again and again at these tables. By the way, resist the temptation to play at several tables at the same time. Unless you love chaos. If you play at several tables, the overview will quickly go to hell – and your money will be yours.

Video preview of PKR

In the following video you will find our experiences with PKR in the summary. We also show you how the registration works and show you the first steps with the provider.

View the video now to get a preview of PKR:

Offers and conditions of PKR

As ingenious as the software may be from the animation point of view, not everyone can do anything with the name PKR. And those who can think of it think to a large extent of other companies, which carry this letter combination in their name. Don’t be irritated, treat yourself to the joy and drop by PKR and play a little. We can promise you that it will be worth it. In addition to the general fun of the game, PKR offers its customers a lot of action, especially in the tournaments that are offered in all possible variations. In addition, they have invented a unique six-stage loyalty program. As with the animation, the poker provider is also breaking new ground here. The way through the loyalty program at PKR knows only one direction: upwards! No matter what level you reach at PKR, you can only leave this level by climbing up another one. The way down is blocked for some reason.

PKR and the bonus

The bonus offered by PKR is not only unique, but also extraordinary and exhausting, you first have to earn it. As with pretty much everything PKR does, this bonus has also put the industry on the edge of panic. With this bonus, PKR also proves that it wants to break new ground and quickly puts innovative ideas into practice. Throughout the poker, betting and gambling industry, people are proud to offer some kind of limited 100 percent bonus that, who knows how many times, you have to wager to get. PKR, on the other hand, offers a 200 percent bonus, but not just for the fact that you exist on the poker portal. You can earn points through various games and activities. These points are staggered. Depending on the number of points you earn, you will also receive your bonus in the end.

The usability of PKR is also exceptional

The poker provider goes almost in all new ways, so the issue of usability is no exception. Poker has something to do with art. This is supported by PKR, in that one must model first of all as a player after the registration in each case its own figure so to speak. Facial features, clothes, hairstyle and many other things have to be defined before you can play. You can even choose a tie, blouse, jacket or trousers. After all, you have to represent yourself, and that’s where appearance comes in. Finally, as mentioned earlier, you can laugh, cry or scold your character at the poker table. The character you create can also have an outburst of rage and express many more feelings. One more thing, mentioned at the beginning, is to say about the freely definable camera position: Of course, you can determine this yourself, but never in such a way that you can see the cards of another player. The note seems important to us in order to dampen any unjustified anticipation. If this would actually work, it would ultimately be fraud – and you can’t blame PKR for that. The company is consistently innovative and very resourceful in attracting new customers and keeping them happy with exceptional ideas. However, the serious and absolutely honest appearance is always in the foreground. The provider is very careful not to give the impression of dishonesty or rip-off anywhere.

Customer service

The support of PKR is generally described as exemplary. With the live chat there is anyway immediately a reaction, otherwise it would not be a live chat. Inquiries by mail are answered within 24 hours and it is generally welcomed that there is a telephone support. Especially with the last two points, the service by mail and by phone, I have my problems. If I’m sitting at a poker table now and have a problem in the game, it helps me less than nothing if I get the answer or solution to my problem tomorrow around midnight. I find the 24-hour hotline similarly disturbing, so I can reach it at any time. In the relevant forums it is said that you get competent and detailed problem solutions immediately if you are willing to speak English and make a telephone call abroad. We can’t really share the joy that comes from this opportunity. The fees for an international telephone call can certainly still be borne when it comes to a higher profit. Language skills, on the other hand, are different. Personally, I would be happy to speak English in such a case – if only I could! I can only speak German and French. I was able to choose between English and French at school, but I didn’t know at the time that I would want to play poker at PKR several years later and that they only have English-speaking support, otherwise my decision would certainly have been different. As far as support is concerned, it’s clear that the majority of competitors are much better positioned, so PKR has a lot of room for improvement.

The app at PKR

Who wants to be particularly innovative and is looking for real individual solutions that inspire, needs a little longer for many things than others. It was similar with the mobile poker version of PKR. With plenty of delay and as one of the last poker rooms PKR delivered its mobile version. On the other hand, the wait was worth it. While other poker providers were quick to come up with an app and then could only offer a few features of the normal website, here all functions are available that are also available on a computer. This means that you can take your virtual red tie or yellow blouse wherever you want. Almost one could say: There the waiting was worthwhile itself nevertheless.

Deposits with PKR

No case it may come with a Pokerunternehmen to the fact that customers do not possess sufficient usual possibilities to make a desired deposit. After all stands and falls thereby the entire system of a Pokerraum. It would be very strange, if such an imaginative company like PKR would be stingy with the deposit possibilities. On the contrary, they have also tried hard to offer their customers the best possible service without exaggerating: Moneybookers, Solo, Switch, Maestro, Visa Electron, Visa Delta, Click2Pay, Neteller, MasterCard and Visa are all possible. The easiest and most convenient way for many is the normal bank transfer, which everyone knows how to do. We would like to point out, however, that we have repeatedly found in our test that this most convenient of all options also takes the longest.

Licensed security at PKR

The vast majority of PKR’s competitors have received their licenses from the authorities in Malta and Gibraltar, an important qualitative feature. After all, the authorities there are very attentive and monitor the serious operation of poker rooms very closely. The opposite of it are some Pokeranbieter with concessions from other continents. These do not have to be also consistently in fraudulent intention on the way, caution is nevertheless ordered. PKR has applied for its licence in Alderney, England. A likewise very conservative place, which concerns the Lizenzvergabe at gambling, betting and Pokerunternehmen. Before in Alderney any license is considered also only rudimentarily, the enterprise must prove a respectable completion, which is examined in regularly taking place audits.


PKR is always worth a recommendation. One gave oneself all only conceivable trouble to arrange an attractive Pokerraum and concentrated at the same time to be with the existing offer as well as the play river in the main thing for new ones an interesting Pokerraum – that succeeded.


In my opinion the best poker room in the industry! I totally like the poker atmosphere transmitted, can play there really well. That is surely because of the diagram, which is made available also over the computer screen. Although this also ensures that poker is somehow slower than with other providers, but that does not bother me at all. It’s just nice to play poker and play in a pleasant environment. That’s why I’d like to praise PKR for the wonderful game software, which probably only exists once. I will remain faithful to my poker provider and can only recommend all readers of Fraud Test to sign up there!

written 47 months ago

The 21nova Casino is a provider where customers can feel that they are in good hands. Particularly if one considers that with William Hill a very large and renowned offerer behind this Casino is, becomes fast clear that 21nova has nothing to do with fraud or Abzocke. Security and seriousness are very important here. Of course, there are other aspects that have proven to be positive in our experience. For example, the range of games on offer. Not only fans of slot machines get their money’s worth here, but also fans of absolute casino classics. Last but not least, the test also gives an insight into the qualities of customer service.

Our experience with 21nova

The 21nova Casino belongs to the William Hill Group and is launched with a gaming license from Gibraltar. No wonder that the customer can feel very safe here. Because William Hill is already for several decades one the global Player on the area of on-line Casinos , which can shine among other things with its generous play offer. With 21nova this is not different, because also here the fans of Casino plays of all kinds come fully at their expense. Thus there is for example a good selection of Slot Games of many considerable manufacturers from the industry, which promise good profits. One or the other jackpot is also waiting to be cracked.

However, there is not only a lot to discover for the lovers of slots. Who plays gladly a maintained portion Black Jack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat or video Poker, is not disappointed likewise. And what would an online casino be today without a live area? Of course, 21nova can also offer such a live casino here. The mad experience is rounded off by mad Boni, a VIP program, the possibility of mobile playing and an outstanding assistance range.

21nova in check: Fraud or serious?

Whenever it comes to gambling, many customers ask themselves whether a casino is doing the right thing. In the case of 21nova this question can be answered with “Yes”. One of the reasons is the considerable enterprise, which stands behind on-line Casino: William Hill! This provider has been in business for many years and stands for serious gaming without rip-off and fraud. Beyond that such a global Player could not afford it also at all to be brought in any form with these things in connection. In addition, nova21 is launched with a gambling license from Gibraltar. This license is further proof that this is a right thing to do. Because if there were even the slightest suspicion of fraud, this license would not exist. But the gambling authorities have a reputation to lose.

During the computer-controlled games – slots, blackjack, roulette and Co. – a so-called RNG (Random Number Generator) ensures fair play. This is a random number generator that ensures that certain algorithms are used to ensure serious and fraud-free gaming. The live casino offers even more transparency, as the player can follow every move made by dealers and croupiers. From dealing cards to shuffling.

The game offering at a glance

The software, which can be downloaded for free, gives the customer access to more than 300 games! With this number of games – in conjunction with the categories – it is ensured that the customer lacks nothing and all areas belonging to an online casino are covered.


slots have been very popular for a long time. That applies not only to the stationary variants, but above all also to the video Slots in on-line Casinos. The reason: They usually have much better graphics, bonus rounds and great animations to offer. Even at 21nova the customer can look forward to such a gaming experience. The machines offered here come from various sectors and are provided by the renowned manufacturer Playtech, among others. If you like it funny and still want to take the chance to win big prizes, you can try Monty Python’s Spamalot. With a little luck a lot of money will end up in your account. And if not, the laughing muscles will certainly be strained. Those who like ancient Rome will be well served with Gladiator. This slot is even playable as a jackpot variant, which increases the chances of big winnings once again. Who knows when the next big sum will be awarded again? There are also a number of other slots with exciting and colourful themes that are just waiting to be set in motion by the customer.

The classics from the casino scene

A casino without its absolute classics? Almost unthinkable! The makers of 21nova thought the same of course and built in some of these classics. One of these classics is of course Black Jack. The game, which has already been the subject of several Hollywood productions, has lost nothing of its popularity even after all these years. Our experience shows that there are several variations available to the customer. Even the Surrender Black Jack, in which the player can give up on a bad hand, is part of the game. “Rien ne va plus, nothing works anymore!” – for many casino friends this saying is music in the ears, it means that you can tackle here one of the most popular casino games at all: Roulette! At 21nova, roulette fans will of course also get their money’s worth. No matter if black or red, Orphelins or Voisins de zero – those who like roulette will love 21nova. Our experience shows that other casino classics also have a place here. That not only in Vegas popular dice game Craps counts for instance to it, the same applies to Baccarat.

Live Dealer

Games with live dealers become ever more popular. That’s why there are a number of live games at 21nova. Roulette, Black Jack, Casino Hold’em and Baccarat are among the games on offer. Depending on the game, several tables are also available. This popularity of live casinos has several reasons. Of course, the player doesn’t have to worry about cheating or ripping off live dealers. The games are serious, the customer can follow every move of the dealer. The communicative factor is also used, because during the games a nice chat with the dealer or croupier is possible via the chat function. Another reason why the Live Casino is so popular: the atmosphere! A computer-controlled game can hardly offer a customer the flair of a live game. A closer look at the atmosphere in a real casino is hardly possible. The games are transmitted via high-resolution stream, the player feels as if he is sitting in the middle of the table. A singular play experience!

New customer bonus: Free choice with the greeting gift

Players, who decide to open an account with 21nova, can profit from several Boni. A bonus is an additional payment from the casino, which is often paid out to the customer as part of a new registration. The bonus may include either cash and/or free spins for slot machines.

For example, there is a bonus for new customers. Here the customer can choose from several variants. Either he decides for a 25 percent bonus up to 24 Euro. But he can also choose a Mid-Roller Bonus. Here he receives 320 percent on his first payment up to a volume of 320 euros. The High-Roller Bonus can even be used up to a sum of 600 euros (with a deposit of 300 euros). The minimum deposit for these bonuses is 20 euros. In order to unlock them, they must be converted at least twelve times – if Euro has been deposited. As the test of the 21nova Casino shows, there is also a bonus on the second deposit. The minimum amount that must be deposited here is 20 Euros, the maximum amount that can be cashed is 500 Euros. Also here applies: To free play the bonus must be wagered twelve times. Last but not least, there is also a bonus that is linked to certain deposit options. If you deposit with Neteller, UKash, bank transfer or Paysafecard, for example, you will receive a 15 percent bonus up to a maximum of 2500 euros per month. Ten percent extra is available with Visa, Master or Maestrocard. The same conditions apply for free play as for the bonuses already presented. Not a bonus in the classic sense, but a good thing for the player, is the VIP area. Here the player collects points, which he can exchange with appropriate number against cash, Boni and other things with appropriate number.

Deposit and payoff: plentifully methods in the selection

The deposits and payoffs are a topic, which is unfortunately often treated a little step-motherly. Because on the basis the available deposit methods often decides whether a customer opens an account or not. Variety brings here thus many customers. The test shows that some methods are available here. There are, for example, Neteller or Skrill, two classic representatives of digital purses. In order to be able to use these, however, the customer must have a valid customer account there. With PayPal, probably the most famous digital purse is also in the portfolio. Payment by Visa- or Mastercard, UKash and entropay can also be selected. The customer can also transfer the money or fill the account with prepaid credit via Paysafecard. It should be noted, however, that it can take several days for a transfer to be credited. Not to forget the bonuses for certain payment methods. As far as payment is concerned, most providers proceed in such a way that the money is paid out via the same channel as the customer account was replenished.

Security and regulation: License from Gibraltar

A valid gambling license is the be-all and end-all if a provider wants to be classified as safe and reputable. The customers of 21nova do not have to worry here, because also like the big brother William Hill, 21nova is equipped with a license from Gibraltar. Such a license does not get the offerers simply in such a way given. A number of conditions have to be met for such a license to be granted. For example, sensitive customer data must be secure from access by third parties. In addition, the customer’s payment requests must be processed promptly. Also important: fair gaming! If there should be complaints with the responsible gambling authority, then this can become expensive to the offerer. In the worst case even the loss of the license threatens. The test shows that this offerer is safe. The customers do not have to worry thus any. The on-line Casinos are examined anyway durably. Thus it is ensured that the standards are held always very highly.

Support and customer service: No desires remain open

Neben einer valid gambling license is also the customer service a kind visiting card for on-line Casino. Because finally it can come always times to questions or problems. The player would like to feel here naturally fetched.

The experiences show that this is the case here. The customer can contact the support in several ways. For example there is the telephone contact. German customers can fall back here on a free 0800 number. An international phone number is nevertheless displayed. Of course one can take up also completely classically by Mail with the service contact. The corresponding address is available in the help area. There is here even an extra address for VIP members. 21nova keeps up with the times and offers its customers a live chat. A live chat offers the advantage that small questions and problems can be discussed 1:1 with an agent. No waiting time, but immediate help. This live chat is available around the clock and in several languages. However, the customer can only access this live chat if he has downloaded the software.

User friendliness: Software and instant play

The site itself is very clearly designed. The customer immediately finds the right way. It does not play a role whether he wants to the plays, to the live Casino or to the assistance range. Like many sides of on-line Casinos, also the Page of 21nova is multicolored, without working thereby however overloaded. The customer can play the games either via software or via instant play in the browser. A little bit annoying is only that a little too often the menu pops up that prompts to download the software. It would also have been good to offer the live chat directly on the site.

Mobile App: no own application available

The 21nova Online Casino does not offer its players its own smartphone app. However, this does not mean that the customer has to do without the mobile enjoyment completely. Many games such as slots and table and card games can be used on the go via the apps of partner William Hill. The cash range is from there likewise usable.

Fazit: Good Casino with prominent support

The most important directly in front: As our experiences show, the player does not have to worry here any about Abzocke and fraud make itself, because both does not take place here! Not least the valid gambling license from Gibraltar provides for the fact that with this offerer everything with right things approaches. 21nova Online Casino belongs to William Hill, a real heavyweight in the online casino industry. Therefore, some similarities cannot be denied. The range of games is fine, the customer can fall back on slots and classic casino games. A live casino is also on board. Also successful: the payment methods as well as the very extensive customer service, which even includes a live chat. Criticism points are the fact that one is requested too often to the Download of the software and can use for instance the live Chat only over it. However, this does not detract from the good overall impression of 21nova.


I have only recently started using the 21nova Casino and have been attracted by the generous welcome bonus. I used this bonus right at the registration, which earned me an additional play money of 320 Euro. A good strong capital, in order to start the first bets.

written 38 months ago


In the 21nova Casino I got to know the wide range of games particularly well. Since I don’t have a fixed gaming behavior, the game selection is sufficient for me.

written 37 months ago

Hardly any other casino game is as popular with a large number of customers as it is with slot games. For decades there have been the “one-armed bandits” who appeal to a large number of customers. In the casino of Jackpots in a Flash you can enjoy 5 Reel Drive online. As a player, you benefit not only from great payout rates, but also from security – the slots are tested and absolutely serious.

Top payout rates only on the Internet

The payout rate plays a central role in the question of how much a player can win at a slot machine at all. Of course, no exact winnings can be predicted, but the payout rate can be used to show the percentage of winnings returned to the player. For this slot, this value is 96.95 percent.

How to play 5 Reel Drive for real money

The real money game is basically the goal of every casino fan. However, before you can play such games, you have to find a slot machine casino which has the slot in its program. Then it is a matter of registering successfully in this casino and creating an account. And last but not least it is important to fill that account with real money. What happens now with this money, the player can decide. Either he takes the complete amount with him to the machine or he only plays with a part and leaves the rest on his account. The slot consists of five reels and nine variable paylines. Per Payline two euro can be set, so that per spin maximum 18 euro bet are possible.

As soon as you win at this slot, the winnings are immediately transferred to the game account of the customer. The player can now leave the slot if he thinks he has won enough. Alternatively, he can of course continue playing with the winnings. In this slot, there is no risk round to multiply your winnings. There is also the option to set an expert mode for this slot. Here the customer has the possibility to start an autoplay function in which several spins are executed consecutively. But this function can also be interrupted at any time to accept the winnings and leave the machine.

This is how you win the most money

Whoever wants to win money must of course be in league with Fortuna, the goddess of luck. The amount of the winnings depends on different factors. Among other things, the individual symbols of the slot play a role. So here for example the burning round dance is worth up to 10,000 points. Coffee and donut still bring 50 points. But there is also a joker and a scatter symbol. In the right amount and constellation these symbols can increase the winnings. There are no bonus rounds, jackpots or free spins here.

Fazit: Online there are the best conditions

This slot is fun, safe, serious and also offers good payout rates. A positive aspect of online slots is that they offer the player better payout rates than is the case with normal machines in the arcade. This is why it is worth playing online slots.

One of the oldest, best-known and most popular brokers for the exclusive trade with CFDs (difference contracts)  is definitely Plus500. We have taken a close look at the company, which has often been found in the media since time immemorial, and explained in our field report what interested traders should pay attention to. After an estimate to the plus500 seriousness we deal strengthened with the actual offer of this CFD service and show, which factors decide whether a registration with the Top broker is worthwhile or rather not.

Background: so serious is plus500

His roots plus500 in Great Britain. There also the behind it standing enterprise Plus500 UK Ltd. is announced. Plus500 is a Tradinggesellschaft, which attaches its offer meanwhile in many countries of the world. The CFD broker went after the enterprise establishment 2008 one year later to the start and was at that time the first enterprise, which offered the trade with CFDs completely free of charge. At the time, this was a real innovation and brought the company many satisfied and loyal customers. In the meantime, trading with difference contracts is possible in over 2,000 markets. Plus500 has been available in over 20 languages for several months and attracts interested new customers worldwide. Plus500 is also the main sponsor of the Spanish football club Atletico Madrid, which won the Primera Division in the 2013-2014 season. This shows how much money is really behind the company.

According to Plus500, it is completely debt-free and has high liquidity. It is also worth mentioning that, in accordance with current legislation, customer funds are kept separate from company assets. Concretely this has the advantage for Trader that in case of a failure of plus 500 on a repayment of large parts of the own deposits can be hoped. Creditors have then no chance to come with the collection of the indebted funds to exactly these amounts.

Of course Plus500 is also regulated and authorized. This is done by the respective competent authorities of the Länder with the three main branches. In London, UK this is for Plus500 UK LTD the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), in Sydney, Australia for Plus500 AU LTD the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and and Limassol, Cyprus for Plus500 CY LTD the Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission (CySEC)  There one cares very exactly for all interests, which develop regarding Plus500. The financial supervisory authorities are subject to direct directives, for example from the European Union. The laws to be observed are therefore the same. The English authority in particular is known for its precise, strict and sound controls. Users of Plus500 can therefore assume that it is not fraud or rip-off and that there are no dubious business practices such as manipulating the figures.

Video preview of Plus500

In the following video you will find our experiences with Plus500 in the summary. We will also show you how the registration works and show you the first steps with the provider.

Click the video now to get a preview of Plus500:

What_customers say

Not all traders are completely satisfied with Plus500. A short Internet search or a look at the comments on the company’s Facebook page show that communication between Plus500 and its customers is not always flawless. For example, accounts are frozen without further explanation. On demand it becomes then clear that an account is transferred and it should be within fewer days again freely to acting be.

These and further examples make some dealers disgruntled. They do not trust Plus500 fully and make this also clear in various evaluations in the Wold Wide Web. Again and again however also becomes clear that plus500 is given the debt for the simple loss of money. Forex trading is a risky business in which a trader can quickly gain a lot of capital, but can also lose. Nobody has said that Plus500 can be seen as a kind of money printing machine. Therefore, critical comments must always be read and viewed with caution. If the Forex system does not lead to the desired success, it doesn’t mean that Plus500 is to blame.

The support in the test

In our test, of course, we also took a close look at all support options. Typically larger Forex brokers do not only offer a contact via email, but also a free phone number and sometimes a live chat. Questions and answers in the form of a FAQ are also communicated online.

Now, at Plus500 all this does not happen. In comparison to nearly all competitor providers, which we already tested, the service with Plus500 is extremely miserable. On a service number one does likewise without, like on a live Chat. Online there is not a single telephone number to be found, where you can contact Plus500 directly and clarify questions and problems personally. Instead a contact form is available, over which customers have to announce themselves to the offerer. In our experience report we would like to describe now also our opinion to this kind of the establishment of contact. Because in the test contact attempts were answered only after some working-days. We had the feeling to be held out here.

Nevertheless, most of our questions have been answered by using an Internet search engine. Thanks to Plus500, we noticed that direct support via customer service representatives is not absolutely necessary. This is not intended to excuse or protect the company’s poor customer service. We give you a bad mark.


On paper Plus500 is extremely serious. The company is growing and growing and now offers its services in various countries around the world. The fact that now even a large and well-known Spanish team can be sponsored shows, how healthy the enterprise is and how much capital really stands behind it. The regulations in two different countries of the European Union make it clear that Plus500 is serious. A deposit protection for the customer funds exists likewise, so that in case of an improbable failure of the enterprise funds are paid back guaranteed.

A little we worry concerning the evaluations of other customers. If it should be really usus to answer inquiries not or only insufficiently, then there is with plus500 a confidence problem. Also the quasi not existing customer support disturbs us in our evaluation extremely. Our experiences in this respect are also not intoxicating. We would like to recommend to the broker, who is internationally active and one of the first addresses for beginners and a risers is, to reconsider its policy regarding the customer support again.

The offer of Plus500

In second instance we exactly regarded ourselves the advantages, disadvantages, conditions and achievements of Plus500. To each subitem we provided a short evaluation which offers a comprehensive view, with which interested traders can decide for or against this broker. All details are based on our best knowledge and conscience after our personal test.

Devisen, CFDs und vieles mehr

Plus500 started as a pure Forex- and CFD-Broker. Meanwhile, traders also have the opportunity to trade other financial products such as indices, EZFs and commodities. It must be mentioned that CFD stock trading does not generate any commissions, which would have to be paid to Plus500. So not only forex traders should register, but also traders who want to try other financial products. Plus500 can be seen as a true all-rounder that has almost all important and interesting trading variants in its program. Over 2,000 markets are tradable.

medium_maximum_lever, fixed spreads

For Plus500, those responsible do not rely on a pure price-cost strategy that is intended to flatter users. With regard to fixed spreads, for example, comparatively high values from 2.0 pips for majors such as EUR/USD are requested. As a result, customers do not have the opportunity to quickly break into the profit zone and have to keep their investments a little longer. 2.0 pips are above average in direct comparison to other providers. Especially the brokers with a higher minimum deposit, who specialize in experienced traders, are significantly lower with their offers. For the beginning and for beginners Plus500 should be however in the framework. After some time however new ones would have to think about a change of the offerer.

The maximum lever, which is ordered in the Forex trade, is in the average range. Not all currency pairs are subject to the lever of 200:1, but this amount applies again to majors such as EUR/USD. The leverage is much lower for exotic currencies and currency pairs. For information, the maximum leverage for CFDs is also 200:1. For indices, Plus500 has slightly increased it to 300:1. ETFs, however, are assigned a maximum leverage of only 100:1.


The negative point first: the software MetaTrader 4, which is worshipped by many traders due to its clarity and individual adaptability, unfortunately cannot be used with Plus500. Instead, Plus500 provides its own web trader, which thanks to its fantastic structure makes it much easier for newcomers to trade foreign exchange.

In addition, Plus500 also has its own trading platform, which is available for download. All you have to do is register quickly with your trading data and you can trade directly on your own computer. In our test we find that this trading software is clearly more inflexible in comparison to the Webtrader. We would therefore recommend to perceive the offer directly in your browser.

Plus500 also provides you with a free app. This app is currently only available for Android and iPhone users. However, unlike many other providers, you can also trade on this. According to statistics recently published by Plus500, more than 40% of all trading transactions are now completed via the mobile app. However, we don’t want to promote the use of such an app. The price overviews are often very small and difficult to see. This makes successful trading more difficult.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Deposits at Plus500 can be made easily via bank transfer, credit card and various other services that promise a direct transfer of money to the online account. These include well-known payment systems such as Skrill, Giropay and Papal. Altogether we are very inspired by the abundance of different possibilities very much.

Outpayments are made in principle over the same ways, how the money is transferred also to on-line account. The most common method is the classic bank transfer. To judge the experiences of some customers the transfer of the funds does not run off however always completely smoothly. Plus500 often requests more and more documents and takes a lot of time to really check the submitted documents. Also we had in the test so some problems with our disbursement, found the money however at the end nevertheless on our account.

Bonus and special campaigns

Grundsätzlich Plus500 sees itself very open opposite new customers. To the greeting receive all, which provide an account with the probably largest Forex broker, a 25 euro announcing bonus given. These can be used, without having to carry out also only one deposit. At the market Trader with 25 euro do not come particularly far, nevertheless this is Bonus without deposit a nice gesture of plus500.

For the first deposit customers receive a bonus, which depends on the deposited amount. Here there is a staggering between a deposit between 100€ and 50.000€.

  • minimum deposit 100€ – bonus amount 30€ – 50 TPoints – bonus code FIRST100
  • minimum deposit 500€ – bonus amount 150€ – 150 TPoints – bonus code FIRST500
  • minimum deposit 1000€ – Bonus amount 200€ – 200 TPoints – Bonus code FIRST1000
  • Minimum deposit 5000€ – Bonus amount 1000€ – 1000 TPoints – Bonus code FIRST5000
  • Minimum deposit 10.000€ – Bonus amount 1500€ – 2500 TPoints – Bonus code FIRST10000
  • Minimum deposit 50.000€ – Bonus amount 7000€ – 10000 TPoints – Bonus code FIRST50000

Minimum deposit 100 Euro

Also very fair is the low minimum deposit required by Plus500. Also private persons can trade so quickly and easily. The minimum deposit is 100 Euro. With such an amount interested private persons should not enter however into the Forex trade. The money can be split only with difficulty, since too small positions make no sense in trading. It is advisable to enter with at least 500 euro with the Forex broker.

Over 50 currency pairs available

It is not interesting for Forex trading that a total of over 2,000 Marks can be traded. Forex trading takes place at Plus500 with over 50 currency pairs. In addition to the majors, there are also some exotic pairs. According to our experience, the list is constantly being expanded.

No area of education, but demo account

Plus500 is badly equipped in terms of training opportunities. There are only a few articles and information texts about what Forex trading actually is. Webinars, seminars, videos and eBooks were completely renounced. Small ray of hope: it is supplied a free demo account, which can be used unlimitedly.

overall evaluation: So good is plus 500

One of the largest Forex brokers in the German-speaking countries left with our test a rather mediocre impression. While the basic offer, the internationalization and the background check were quite positive, the Forex Broker saves at important places, like for example the training further possibilities and the customer support. Therefore, more experienced traders, who don’t need any help from employees, should rather register.


I am impressed by Plus500! The play money account is really useful in connection with reading to the topic Forexhandel and helped me to gain a foothold with the trade with currencies first of all. I find the trading software very clear and intuitive to use. I’m a little worried about the rates, which seem to update after some time. My purchases and sales are not always processed directly in real time. However, this changes when you choose major rates such as the US dollar and the euro. Therefore I suggest beginners to try these currency pairs first.

written 22 months ago


Among Forex brokers, Plus500 is probably the one that advertises most actively and most rabatively. I don’t think the company’s promises can really be kept. I am disappointed about the customer support, which is only available via email. Questions are therefore only answered very sloppily. For beginners the Broker is however possibly nevertheless interesting, since there is a play money account, which is durably free of charge available. Small entrance hurdles make the broker in my opinion again more attractive and for all beginners really interesting. In addition comes a bonus system and an announcing bonus of 25 euro, which is available also without deposit equal.

written 17 months ago


Trading is associated with a high risk. But there is also the possibility to manage the trading risk. Plus500 offers a risk control tool for this purpose. So I have always influence and can indicate for example that with certain profits automatically is to be closed. I have also used the Price Warnings option. So actually not much can go wrong.

written 12 months ago


I looked around for a good broker and decided in the end for Plus500. An incentive for the registration was the point that I can trade there German positions without commission. I tried that out and it is really like that. However I had to deposit at least 100 euros.

written 11 months ago


Plus500 offers new customers a free demo account to practice on. I immediately used this for myself, tested the platform and tried out strategies. I think the demo account is very good. There acting is completely risk-free possible. Of course you can’t win in the demo either.

written 10 months ago


I registered with Plus500 at a convenient time. Because I received a 25 Euro bonus completely without deposit. I only signed up for a real money account in WebTrader. After confirmation of the phone number the bonus amount was credited to my account.

written 7 months ago


Securities trading is an interesting area for me. But since I still don’t know everything exactly, I have informed myself at Plus500 exactly about securities trading. All important factors are listed in the information material.

written 5 months ago

Hint: Have a look at the CFD Broker Comparison – there some brokers did better than IG!

Internationally the broker IG Markets is now in the absolute upper class. Not only the trade with CFDs and binary options is offered, but also the Forex Trading. By the way: for some time the broker markets itself no longer under the name IG Markets, but calls itself simply IG. In our empirical report we did not only examine the seriosity and reliability of the enterprise, but compared also achievements and conditions.

Background: so seriös is IG Markets

IG definitely one of the oldest offerers for trading with foreign exchange, CFDs, shares and other financial products. The main enterprise IG Group Holding can look back meanwhile on an experience of over 40 years. The successful company was founded in London in 1974. This is still the location of IG Group’s head office, which has been used for decouplings such as IG Markets. The IG project is available in over ten different languages, including, of course, German. A German branch is located in Düsseldorf. The friendly service staff are there to help you in word and deed.

The world’s largest broker convinces with his trustworthiness. IG Markets is reputable, as can be seen from the fact that it is regulated by official supervisory authorities in various countries. For example, there is a registration with the British Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). In addition, there is also German regulation by BaFin. These regulatory authorities look closely over the broker’s shoulder and keep an eye on him. This virtually excludes the possibility of fraudulent behaviour.

The IG Group Holding employs over 1,000 people worldwide. IG Holdings plc, the company’s UK limited liability company, is listed in the TFSE 250 share index with the 250 largest companies in England. In addition, the German IG Ableger has received various awards such as that of the best CFD broker 2013 from the magazine Euro am Sonntag.

IG is proud of the fact that the broker is the world’s largest operating service provider for trading Forex, CFDs and binary options. IG Markets’ offering is regularly updated and expanded. Also thereby we attained an extraordinarily professional impression of the offerer in the test. With regard to reliability and trustworthiness we can only give IG top marks.

Video preview of IG Markets

In the following video you will find our experiences with IG Markets in the summary. We’ll also show you how to register and show you the first steps with the provider.

You can now take a look at the video to get a preview of IG:

What customers say

First of all: there are critical voices on the Internet for every broker trading foreign exchange. However, there is usually more excitement about the general principle of trading currencies than constructive criticism of the broker. This is also the case with IG. In the comparison to other Forex brokers shows with IG Markets however also that a clearly higher number at users and users is very content with the offer of IG. Traders know that IG is a reliable broker they can trust at any time. This also becomes clear in the steadily rising user numbers.

Customers also say that IG Markets would probably not have been their first choice without prior Internet research. Other providers advertise with fast deposits and excessively high deposit bonuses. These again conceal not rarely that the actual offer of the broker is not particularly attractively equipped. IG does not attach any importance to such an external effect. Therefore among the customers above all experienced and professional Trader are to be found, which know gladly a reliable partner at its side.

The support in test

The support possibilities at IG are broadly graded. Thus, a distinction is made between customers and non-customers when making contact. For both there are telephone numbers and email addresses, over which the traders can announce themselves, in order to step directly into contact and get all questions answered. Some telephone numbers like for example those of the technical support lead however to England, so that you should be powerful with such a request of the English language.

In addition IG has a live Chat, over which you can chat simply and fast with the coworkers. In our test this possibility was unfortunately not available, although we tried it between the available times (Monday to Friday, 8:15 to 22:15 clock). Telephone support is also not available 24 hours a day for questions. Our IG Markt experience report comes to the conclusion that the employees are generally very competent and friendly, but seem to be under a certain time pressure. Questions are answered correctly and quickly. Perhaps IG Markets in Germany should slightly increase the number of employees here in order to relieve the current service personnel.

Our experience with IG

The huge experience of the parent company IG Group Holding is convincing. Also meanwhile over 17 addresses world-wide and the general attitude on international public are indicator for the fact that with IG Markets for higher one strives. IG is completely serious and reliable due to the double regulation in Great Britain and Germany. Further countries will follow with security.

In view of the respectability we can give IG only a very best result. Here you don’t need to be afraid of being ripped off or cheated.

The IG Markets offer

In order to be able to compare Forex brokers better with each other, there are overviews that compare different conditions and services as well as important indicators such as the maximum leverage and the spread with each other. In our field report we have taken a close look at these points and compared them in a short overview, structured according to thematic aspects.

How to trade on IG Markets?

IG’s offering is based on trading different currency pairs. The Forex trade stands therefore in the focus and was the first division, in which the enterprise specialized itself. In the course of the years the offer pallet increased however clearly at potential. In the meantime, traders can also trade other financial products with experts in this field. One of these is trading CFDs, which works with a leverage similar to Forex trading. This gives you the opportunity to increase your actual stake and deposit per position and generate profits more quickly. In addition, IG also offers binary options positions. This financial sector is rapidly gaining popularity on the Internet as binary options trading is very simple and easy to understand. In binary options, there are different types of trading.

In total, IG’s offering is very rich and offers interesting opportunities for all financial traders to use their money. This is where IG Markets fully lives up to its reputation as a market leader.

Maximum leverage of 200:1

The lever is one of the important indicators used to compare different Forex brokers with each other. With IG Markets the lever lies with 200:1. That means that with a transaction employment of 50 euro equal with 10.000 euro at the market can be traded. Thus, changes in the last decimal place of the exchange rates of the currency pairs also have an effect on profit and loss. With a maximum leverage of 200:1, however, IG is in our experience rather in the lower range of Forex brokers. Other providers offer significantly higher leverage, which increases the chances of profit, but also the risk for the trader.

The spread, i.e. the costs per transaction that are deducted directly, is at IG values from 0.8 pips. Compared to the competition, this benchmark is very low, but only applies to a few currency pairs. Some other pairs have a spread of up to 200.

Trading with IG Markets mobile

The range of different trading software on offer at IG is very broad. In our test we could not only use external programs like the popular MateTrader4 and ProRealTime. L2Dealer for professional traders and an own trading platform, which convinced by functionality and stability, were also available. Mobile Trading Apps for Blackberry, Android, Windows and iOS are also available. In our experience, this was a rich offer that definitely convinced us.

Deposit and Withdrawal

IG Markets is less positive in the area of deposits and withdrawals. Although the latter is done dutifully and the money is on the account within a few days, deposits and withdrawals are only available by bank transfer and credit card. In addition, 1.5% transaction costs are added as fees for deposits via credit card. In general these two transaction possibilities are safe, but in today’s time simply too little.

Bonus and special offers

Leider IG completely renounces deposit bonuses and other special offers, which promise you more money to trade. Only the “customer recruits customer” area can lead to a slight increase of the account in the form of a bonus.

No minimum deposit – directly traden

A full account can be opened from one euro. While the competition requires minimum deposits of at least 50 euros, IG Markets is very customer-friendly here. Beyond that there is also no minimum transaction size, so that prospective customers can already enter with 5 euro and begin with the trade.

77 currency pairs, over 7.000 CFDs

The number of tradable underlyings is impressing: Among the altogether 77 currency pairs, which are available for the Forexhandel, virtual and exotic pairs are also. More than 7,000 CFDs add an important component to IG Markets’ offering, which is also only available in a slimmed-down form from other brokers.

Rich Education Center

Additional functions such as a live message field are built into the trading platform. In addition, the Education Center offers interesting video courses, webinars, seminars in German and actually everything that beginners and professional traders can use for further training. Market data are given, analyses and news are called and an economic calendar is likewise part of the offer.

As a special addition, all customers are provided with a 14-day free demo account. With the IG demo account you can become acquainted with the market with 10.000 virtual euro and try out strategies at a demo.

Overall evaluation: So well is IG Markets

The enormous respectability and reliability of IG is in connection with the stable trading system and a rich educational offer as well as the small Spread one of the main arguments, why you should register yourselves with IG Markets. We can overlook here over the low lever of 200:1 and would like to recommend the offerer to all, which would like to trade really seriously and professionally with foreign exchange.


For the trade with finances I looked for a genuine Allrounder and found this in my opinion with the market leader IG Markets also. CFD trading, Forex trading and binary options trading are the possibilities that are offered to me by the expert. Up-to-date I use still all trade chances, would like me however in the next time to specialize, in order to have better chances on a profit.

written before 48 months


At this point I would like to thank the support of IG once again! The employees really help with every problem that occurs in connection with their software. In terms of content, too, most of the customer service staff have been able to help me in a simple and straightforward way to make a direct profit. I fully praise the customer service and would like to point out that unlike the article mentioned, I always have a live chat available for all kinds of questions. Also there the employees are very friendly. IG has managed to create a certain customer loyalty for me. I will probably not change my Forex broker again. The market leader has somewhat higher fees, it is worthwhile itself however perfectly.

written 46 months ago


outside I can only to the Forex Trading with IG Markets. Further experiences with CFD trading and binary options I haven’t made yet. But Forex trading offers me very good levers, which are not too risky but also not too low. There are now over 80 currency pairs on which I can bet at IG. If I don’t know what to do at a certain rate, I just take a look at the Education Center. All the necessary information is served directly to me there. Unfortunately I made the mistake of not appreciating the free demo account enough at the beginning. Now the 14 day trial period is over and I can’t simply test my strategies and tactics at IG without problems and risks. I think IG should make this demo account available for even longer.

written 43 months ago


Many brokers seem to pursue education only as an alibi. Not so with IG. Here this topic is taken absolutely seriously and the investor has access to numerous contents.

written before 38 months