The CasinoClub has started a new loyalty point race in February. Customers, which gamble as regularly as possible in this month, have the chance on a luxuriöse journey to Vienna. The Austrian capital is particularly attractive in spring. For the VIP managers of the CasinoClub this was reason enough, in order to invite the 25 Topspieler between 8. and 10 April to Vienna.

To CasinoClub

The program in Vienna

The CasinoClub spendiert a weekend in the luxuriösen Steigenberger hotel and holds a rich master program ready. The yearnings in the Austrian capital are certainly not missed out. Time for the one or other little glass with the Heurigen remains likewise still. The highlight is however the legendary Roulette tournament , with which each fellow player wins. The following Cashprämien gives it from the CasinoClub bar on the hand:

  1. Platz: 5,555 euro
  2. Platz: 1,111 euro
  3. Platz: 777 euro
  4. up to 25th place: 111 euro

Our tip: Always the other special actions in the CasinoClub in the eye. You have the ideal opportunity to earn double and triple loyalty points for selected games almost daily. In the complete February the “Slot of the month” Sweetheart is pushed separately.

By the way, who does not manage the qualification to Vienna, does not have to blow any mope. All participants in the loyalty point race will be rewarded with special bonuses, which will automatically appear on the player’s account at the beginning of March.

The entry into the CasinoClub

Naturally, new customers can also qualify for the Vienna promotion. The moreover one the new fellow players for their first deposit receive a 100%igen match bonus of up to full 1.000 euro. As minimum deposit amount 20 Euro are prescribed in the general trading conditions.

Now playing at CasinoClub!

Ever since television advertising flickered across the nation’s screens for the first time, everyone has been talking about However, the provider is not satisfied with this alone, but also puts an additional offer on the table for all new customers. That means in the detail that here all new players receive a threefold bonus on their deposits, with which up to 1,000 euro can be unlocked.

To the

Great bonuses wait for the new players

Who registered a new account with the provider, proposes itself automatically as a participant in the bonus program. The entry of a special code is no longer necessary. Instead, you can simply process the respective deposits, which then automatically activate the welcome bonus.

For the first deposit, this means a 200 percent bonus, with which up to 200 euros can be collected as credit. With the second deposit on the account promises a 100 percent bonus, which brings in up to 300 euros. But that’s not enough, because even with the third deposit, customers can really let it crash again. A 50 per cent bonus is paid out, with which up to 500 euro are possible as bonus amount.

Now in on-line play!

Although it’s still a few days until Easter, the gambling developers show themselves as premature “Easter bunnies” and present some interesting new titles just in time for Easter. The game “Lucky Stripes”, for example, comes from iSoftBet, the provider GameArt has even sent two new developments into the red with “Circus of Horror” and “Peters Universe”.

iSoftBet mixes classic with modernity

All around the development of new games, the provider iSoftBet has been enormously active in recent weeks. The company based in London and Luxembourg introduced a new slot title only a few weeks ago and now launches the game “Lucky Stripes” after. At first glance, the new game title may seem a bit old-fashioned, but this impression definitely changes during the game. The developer has managed to add some modern features to the classic gaming experience on a slot machine in an impressive way . Despite all this, the title is only played on three reels and with only one active payline – directly in the middle.

The aim of the game is to collect a matching strip in one color across the three reels, with a matching multiplier always supplied in the middle. In some cases the multiplier is eight times the bet, but in the case of the golden band it can even increase to 100 times the bet. Speaking of bets: The slot is primarily intended for newcomers and reserved players. Rotating can be done with a stake of only 0.01 Euro, the maximum stake is one Euro per turn. Pleasing: The game is equipped with a free play feature called “Trigger Rockin Respin”. In this one the wild symbols of the slot remain on the reel one and three, in the middle a multiplier is listed in each turn. Ideally, the freespins here will have 100 times the multiplier several times and thus impressive winnings.

It will be creepy in GameArts “Circus of Horror”

What iSoftBet can do, we can do – that’s what the Maltese developer GameArt might have thought, who also released two new titles in the last days. For those who like it scary and creepy, the title “Circus of Horror” is the best choice. As the name already suggests, numerous horror characters are driving their mischief on a total of 243 paylines on five reels. The slot comes around the corner with all sorts of features and additions, including the popular gambling function. Up to five times winnings can be risked and doubled if players choose the right color from red and black. Within the game, the “Eletric Chair Bonus Feature” is also a great feature. Here the players torture a poor undead and have to energize different body parts. Those who manage to do this eight times can double their winnings from the feature. There are also regular Freegames in which each win is provided with a triple multiplier. The whole thing is rounded off by wild symbols and, above all, first-class graphics. GameArt focuses here completely on modernity and the keyword innovation, which can be admired especially in the “Eletric Chair Feature”.

If the player “Circus of Horror” is a number too much horror, the choice with “Peters Universe” can also fall on eternal youth. The slot is based on the famous movie or the story of “Peter Pan” and thus welcomes the players with enchanting elves, but also with Peter Pan himself and the no less well-known Captain Hook.

Win up to 100.000 Euro in “Peters Universe”

Peters Universe” is played on a modern setup. Five reels welcome the players, whereby each reel is occupied with a total of four rows . Means: 20 winning symbols find their place on the game screen at the same time. Beside the mentioned symbols of Peter Pan and Captain Hook also a space ship, the crocodile, the fairy Tinkerbell, fairy dust and the classical profit symbols from the 10 to the A belong to it. Larded also this Slot is with a whole set of additional features such as game rows, multiplicators or free plays. Especially noteworthy is the so-called Tinkerbell-Feature, which is triggered by the fairy of the same name on reels two, three and four. This turns several reels of the slot into wild reels, which move from spin to spin across the game screen. The possibility on outstanding profits.

Apropos profits: Within the bonus feature the cashes of the players can ring so correctly and book profits of maximally 100,000 euro . The play employment of the Slots lies with employments between one euro and up to 100 euro per turn on a width clamping surface and offers thus for beginners and Highroller equally fun at the play. Also good to know: The RTP, thus the long-term payout expectation, of this play lies with 96,10 per cent and thus easily over the average of the modern slot machines. In summary, it can be said about the iSoftBet developments as well as about the new games from GameArt that these are highly interesting titles that will certainly inspire many players in the coming months and years. And the most beautiful thing: This will certainly not be the last developments that both developers will bring to the market.

The Broker 24option currently advertises that it offers 24 hour chat support. Whoever comes to the homepage of 24option is already welcomed with it. At the bottom right a small window opens which offers the possibility to contact 24option directly via chat.

Who wants to use the chat contact of 24option can do so within a few seconds. After the Chat window opened, the user can select e.g. that he would like to use the German Chat support. At the same time it must be mentioned, how the own name is and under which email address one can be reached. After both fields have been filled in, the message text can be entered. If you have a question about the 24option offer, you can formulate it directly and get answers. After the text has been sent, a dialog window will open in which you have to wait for the answer. If the chat participant is in a waiting loop, this is also displayed.

How long does the chat with 24option in the test take until a first answer?

In our practice test the chat with 24option answers within less than 2 minutes and that in German language. Our test question was answered quickly and satisfactorily.

What can I do with 24option trading?

Who wants to start trading with 24option can do this without problems with a trading account. It is recruited with the fact that a net yield at a value of up to 88% is disbursed. To the kind of the binary options, which can be noticed with 24option rank also in such a way specified 60 seconds options. The well-known high and low options can also be exercised. In the area of underlyings, over 100 different currency pairs are offered, which can be used with 24 options. There is also the possibility that stocks and commodities can also be used for trading with 24option.

How do I learn something about binary options with 24option?

Who wants to start trading with 24option can learn a lot on the Internet. It is possible that for example a free eBook can be downloaded, which helps to understand and use binary options. It is also possible that in the segment of binary options a lot can be learned about tactics and about the design of options.

If 24option is a serious broker?

The broker 24option is undoubtedly one of the most serious and at the same time one of the largest brokers in the industry. It should be noted that 24option is regulated. The broker is based in Europe and more precisely in Cyprus. For traders, this means that there is regulation via the CySec and therefore 24option can be traded easily and without any major concerns. As far as support is concerned, it is not only available via chat, but also over the telephone, for example. The chat support worked very well in the practical test and shows that with 24option a lot can be regulated via chat. The service times of the support are clearly more extensive, than it is the case with many other brokers. The support of 24option can be perceived not only in German, but also in many other languages.

The online broker Finexo currently offers trading in over 55 currency pairs. This can easily be done directly over the internet after opening an account with the broker. In practice, Finexo is one of the most modern brokers in the world and, above all, it is based within the EU, which means that traders benefit from more extensive hedging than is the case with other brokers based outside the EU offshore.

What trading options can I take advantage of with Finexo?

The trading offer of the broker Finexo is very extensive. Traders can trade both Forex and CFD. There are numerous underlyings that can be used. This means, for example, that currently more than 55 different currency pairs can be used to start trading. In addition, commodities as well as stocks and indices are offered in order to start trading. Bonds can also be traded via Forex trading.

Whoever wants to use the trading offer on Finexo can start trading with the MetaTrader 4 software as well as Sirix and Webtrader. The market is much more liquid than many other markets, so there is a lot of movement in Forex trading.

There are a total of over 55 currency pairs that can be used when trading at Finexo is started, which is really much more than it is the case with most competitors. The trade can be used 5 days a week, Monday to Friday 24 hours a day.

There is the possibility that 1:300 leverage can be used and the broker advertises with tight spreads and without commissions.

Is Finexo a secure broker?

The broker Finexo belongs to the company Leadcapital Markets Ltd. which is based in Cyprus and therefore within the EU. Concretely the customers can notice the service e.g. over a telephone number in Great Britain. Beyond that there is a live Chat, which can be used, in order to step accordingly with the broker directly over its homepage into contact. A callback function is unfortunately not offered here.

Which account models can be perceived at Finexo?

Customers can choose the Classic, Gold and Platinum account models at Finexo. All three accounts can be managed according to deposits. There is the possibility that the money can be deposited at Finexo in many different ways. In practice, this means that funds can be deposited with a MasterCard or Visa credit card, for example. Money can also be deposited via Maestro and Visa Electron. If you wish, you can also use Skrill and Neteller to deposit money into your Finexo trading account.

It is necessary to deposit at least 1,000 Euros into your Finexo trading account in order to start trading. The account can, for example, be managed in Euro but also in US Dollar or British Pound. Finexo is a modern broker, which is especially interesting for CFD clients who want to become active in CFD trading with the help of currency pair trading, for example. The offer is here clearly more extensive, than it with most other brokers the case is. In the long run, trading CFDs via Finexo is recommended, but the risk should of course be known if trading in this way. Those who decide to trade with Finexo will find all the information on their homepage – of course also in different languages.