Bloombex Options Review

While for a longer time among investors herumgesprochen itself that in the range of the direct plant at the financial markets clearly higher net yields are possible, than with conventional variants, which are offered by the banks, gains now also Trading among private investors in meaning. Contrary to the classical plant, with which the participants buy shares, funds or loans and set thereby on a on a long-term basis positive value development, it concerns in the Trading stronger the utilization of short term price developments. One reason why trading is enjoying growing popularity may also be that the returns that can be generated here in one day are as high as the performance of some equity portfolios over several years. In concrete terms, it is possible with products such as binary options to almost double the stake within a few minutes with a simple transaction. Online brokers, such as Bloombex Options, already offer the possibility of trading returns of up to 82 percent with simple options. But if it is a constant at the financial markets, then it is the connection, after which high net yield possibilities always high loss risks oppose.

Beside the form of trade itself this applies naturally also to the partner, with whom they would like to complete the trade. The selection is very extensive in this range and increases besides continuously. In order to find the appropriate online broker for trading with binary options, a thorough comparison should be made wherever possible. In order to make it easier for the traders, we take different offerers into the view and tested thereby this time Bloombex options.

Our experiences in the overview

Who looks around within the broad offer of different on-line brokers for the trading of binary options roughly, gains fast the impression that all representatives seem to play in the champions League. However, the actual status of an online broker only becomes apparent in practice. In the case of Bloombex Options, we can already see so much at this point, but we agree with announcements in the external presentation and opportunities for investors to a pleasingly high degree. On the basis of a technically flawless platform, it is possible to enter trading directly after the uncomplicated registration.

On the basis of a broad educational and support offer, even beginners have it very easy to get an overview of the functions and possibilities. Since for the start into the trade only 300 euro must be deposited, can also with a justifiable risk into the trade be entered. In addition to the browser-based platform, a mobile version can also be used for trading, which is also available free of charge. Should there be problems or demand for other aspects, it is also very easy to organise help by telephone or live chat. Last but not least, the aspect of processing deposits and withdrawals was also convincing. Based on a wide range of options, this process was handled quickly and easily. While thus with regard to trade and support best conditions prevail, we would like to enter in the now following section on the aspect of the Seriosität more exactly.

Bloombex in the check: Fraud or respectable?

Immer again we point out in our reviews to pay attention not only to the net yields and the trade possibilities, but first to examine whether it concerns a respectable offerer. Unfortunately, this is not always easy to determine at first glance. This is especially true if, as with Bloombex Options, it is not a provider with a regulation. It is true that the company is based in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria and therefore in an EU member state. Apparently, however, the transactions are carried out by a server outside the EU, so that no regulation is required.

The assessment as to whether a provider is serious must therefore be based solely on concrete experience. There is at least no reason to doubt the reliability of Bloombex Options. In trading, the transactions are executed reliably and on the basis of precise prices. We have also found a trustworthy partner in Bloombex Options for deposits and withdrawals. In addition, no negative reports about fraud or rip-offs have become known in recent years. On this basis it can therefore be assumed that this is a reliable and reputable partner for trading in binary options.

Offer: Underlyings, Trading Conditions

Next, we would like to take a closer look at the offer on the basis of which traders can participate in trading in binary options. Unlike traditional investments, traders do not invest directly in a stock, commodity or currency, but rather in an instrument based on it. Therefore, the supply of tradable underlyings is also limited. In the case of Bloombex Options, a total of around 60 underlying securities are available for trading.

In the case of online brokers for trading in binary options, it has become generally accepted that the four categories of stocks, stock indices, commodities and currency pairs can be used. The composition within these categories is very different, which is why an important characteristic for the respective online broker can be seen here. In our experience, it is particularly important to have a selection of underlyings that cover as broad a spectrum of regions, sectors and economic cycles as possible. In addition, there are various instruments for trading with which the possibilities for the trader are enormously expanded, especially with regard to returns. We would now like to deal with both aspects.

About 60 underlyings are available

The available underlyings for Bloombex Options are also distributed among the four categories mentioned. With about 20 individual stocks each, the selection in the area of stocks and stock indices is somewhat larger than for commodities with seven stocks and currencies, where twelve combinations can be selected. The selection of equities is quite varied. This ranges from car values such as Rolls Royce and Nissan, to the sporting goods manufacturer Nike, to American bank stocks and energy companies from Russia. It can actually be used in many different industries, but the respective selection is rather small. Traders should therefore first take a close look at whether the stocks they wish to bet on in trading are included.

The possibility of betting on the development of entire sectors or regions is better offered by stock indices anyway. For example, the American Nasdaq offers the opportunity to bet on the US technology sector. A stronger focus on European industrial stocks is possible with the Dax or the French CAC. In addition, there are a number of other indices available for trading that can be used to speculate on very specific segments. These include, for example, the Malaysian KL Future, the Kuwait General Index and the TA 25, the index that comprises the most important companies in the Israeli market. The commodity market can also rely on different global developments. The level of prices in particular is regarded as an important indicator of the economic state of the world.

Alongside this, however, the precious metals gold, silver and platinum are also on the list of trading pairs of underlyings. The online broker’s offer is rounded off by a selection of agricultural products, including coffee, wheat and sugar. One of the segments that receives the most attention globally is currency trading. There is no betting on individual currencies by buying them directly, but there are a total of 12 combinations to choose from, so that you can bet on the ratio of different currencies. A large part of the currency trade is accounted for by the world’s leading currencies US Dollar, Euro, British Pound and Japanese Yen. These currencies are also available in various combinations in Bloombex Options for option trading. Traders can also choose from other combinations, including the South African Rand currency, the Turkish Lira and another dollar currency from Singapore. Bloombex Options also includes the Swiss franc and the Russian rouble in its program.


To date, we have only focused on the simple options, which, from the investor’s perspective, are solely about correctly predicting whether the price of the underlying asset will rise or fall. In Bloombex Options, traders have different expiration periods at their disposal. In intraday trading, traders can first decide whether they want to make the forecast for a few minutes, an hour or several hours. In addition, long-term binary options are also offered, where the aim is to correctly forecast the performance for several days, a week, a month or even over a quarter. Normally, the periods expire at the end of a certain period. On the other hand, there is the area for short-term options. Periods between 30 seconds and 300 seconds are available.

With these simple options, traders can expect yields in the range of 70 to 80 percent per transaction. In the point thereby even values of up to 82 per cent are possible. Beyond that in addition, instruments are available, which offer still higher net yields, whereby then naturally also the risk for the loss of the capital employment rises. These include the variants One Touch and Ladder, where the payout amount can ideally rise to up to seven 100 percent. Another variant that traders can use for Bloombex options is the Bloombex Follow mode, a version of social trading. With just a few clicks it is possible to observe other traders first and follow them directly if necessary. This gives traders the opportunity to follow the best top traders of Bloombex Options directly and profit from their returns generated on the market.

The possibilities presented here offer investors a very broad spectrum for trading with binary options. At present, only a single account type is available for this purpose.

Bonus for new customers

Traders who, when looking for an online broker, are primarily interested in the possibility of receiving additional trading capital in the form of a bonus will not find what they are looking for at Bloombex Options. Also other bonus achievements, like for instance friendship advertisement or a Cash back program we did not stumble with this on-line broker. So while bonus hunters won’t make any booty here, the offers of yield, support and training as well as the underlyings and instruments are so good in our experience that the missing bonus doesn’t represent a decisive disadvantage.

Deposit and payout

Possibly not a decisive, but nevertheless a very important criterion for the evaluation of an online broker are the possibilities how money can be transferred to the trading account and how payouts are processed. In addition to the variants provided for this purpose, the speed with which the corresponding transactions are processed is also important. While deposits are usually made very quickly, various providers take a little longer to pay out. Especially when the money is urgently needed on the current account, this is quite annoying. Specifically, for the processing of financial transactions, the providers MasterCard, VISA, Wire Transfer, PayPal, Moneybookers and CashU work together. In the case of the credit card providers, the deposits are actually made in real time, i.e. you can enter the trade directly after completing the transaction. For other service providers, this may take 1 to 2 hours. For payouts, on the other hand, the promise applies to process corresponding orders as quickly as possible. Our experience has shown that it can take 2 to 3 days for the money to reach the current account. But this is a fair value.

Security and regulation

We would like to return to the topic of security at this point. We had already mentioned the lack of regulation, and the corresponding restrictions should be taken into account by the customers. This includes, above all, the fact that the management of deposits cannot be based on European standards. Deposit protection is not part of the Bloombex Options service either. In addition, modern software is used from a technical point of view to protect customers’ data. All in all, you can rely on a good, but not outstanding, security standard. This should be considered individually when determining the credit balance to be paid into the Bloombex Options trading account.

support and customer service

With regard to support in trading but also in case of technical problems, we have found a very good offer at Bloombex Options. The international online broker offers a hotline in several languages, including German. The employees are both competent and friendly, so that the solution of a problem is solved very quickly. It is advisable to search for an answer in the FAQ section beforehand. What also convinced us was the offer in the area of further education and support. This includes an E Book, a glossary and a training centre with numerous courses and video offers. Investors, who want to develop themselves continuously and purposefully further, find best conditions with Bloombex options after our experience before.

User friendliness of the web page

Also the web page, which is made available by the offerer, offers the visitors as well as the customers best possibilities of heading for the numerous interesting contents purposefully. From the asset index to the available instruments to the training centre, the desired content can be accessed directly. And the platform itself was also convincing. Clearly designed, it offers an easy introduction for all those who are dealing with the trading of binary options for the first time. Nevertheless, even experienced traders do not have to reckon with restrictions in the selection of instruments and underlying securities.

Mobile App

Experience shows that a growing proportion of trading in stock exchange products of various kinds is no longer carried out at home, but on the move with the help of smartphones. A mobile solution is now part of the standard offering of a modern online broker. Bloombex Options also has one of these in the form of two apps in its program. For iOS and Android a suitable version can be downloaded for free. Anyone who has initially approached the trade with the browser-based platform will have little trouble switching to the mobile version. And there is also no need to do without underlying assets or instruments.


In this review we have looked at the conditions and opportunities that traders can expect from the online broker Bloombex Options. All in all we had positive experiences, especially the wide range of instruments for trading was convincing. Not only extremely short-term trading is possible, but also a long-term perspective with maturities of months and quarters. With a maximum yield on classic options of 82 percent, Bloombex Options is in the upper midfield. In trading, however, the average return is adjusted to a somewhat lower level.

For trading itself, only an account version is offered, so that there are no differences in the use of additional services. All Trader can access starting from a minimum deposit of 300 euro to a comprehensive education offer. Also the support can be called very competent and effective due to our experience. Traders with a high need for security, on the other hand, will regard the absence of regulation as a weakness. Nevertheless, we did not perceive the provider as dubious. So there is no need to fear fraud or rip-off.