Onlinecasino.De: Secure Triple Bonus Up To 1,000 Euros

Ever since television advertising flickered across the nation’s screens for the first time, everyone has been talking about However, the provider is not satisfied with this alone, but also puts an additional offer on the table for all new customers. That means in the detail that here all new players receive a threefold bonus on their deposits, with which up to 1,000 euro can be unlocked.

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Great bonuses wait for the new players

Who registered a new account with the provider, proposes itself automatically as a participant in the bonus program. The entry of a special code is no longer necessary. Instead, you can simply process the respective deposits, which then automatically activate the welcome bonus.

For the first deposit, this means a 200 percent bonus, with which up to 200 euros can be collected as credit. With the second deposit on the account promises a 100 percent bonus, which brings in up to 300 euros. But that’s not enough, because even with the third deposit, customers can really let it crash again. A 50 per cent bonus is paid out, with which up to 500 euro are possible as bonus amount.

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