Play 5 Reel Drive Online With Real Money

Hardly any other casino game is as popular with a large number of customers as it is with slot games. For decades there have been the “one-armed bandits” who appeal to a large number of customers. In the casino of Jackpots in a Flash you can enjoy 5 Reel Drive online. As a player, you benefit not only from great payout rates, but also from security – the slots are tested and absolutely serious.

Top payout rates only on the Internet

The payout rate plays a central role in the question of how much a player can win at a slot machine at all. Of course, no exact winnings can be predicted, but the payout rate can be used to show the percentage of winnings returned to the player. For this slot, this value is 96.95 percent.

How to play 5 Reel Drive for real money

The real money game is basically the goal of every casino fan. However, before you can play such games, you have to find a slot machine casino which has the slot in its program. Then it is a matter of registering successfully in this casino and creating an account. And last but not least it is important to fill that account with real money. What happens now with this money, the player can decide. Either he takes the complete amount with him to the machine or he only plays with a part and leaves the rest on his account. The slot consists of five reels and nine variable paylines. Per Payline two euro can be set, so that per spin maximum 18 euro bet are possible.

As soon as you win at this slot, the winnings are immediately transferred to the game account of the customer. The player can now leave the slot if he thinks he has won enough. Alternatively, he can of course continue playing with the winnings. In this slot, there is no risk round to multiply your winnings. There is also the option to set an expert mode for this slot. Here the customer has the possibility to start an autoplay function in which several spins are executed consecutively. But this function can also be interrupted at any time to accept the winnings and leave the machine.

This is how you win the most money

Whoever wants to win money must of course be in league with Fortuna, the goddess of luck. The amount of the winnings depends on different factors. Among other things, the individual symbols of the slot play a role. So here for example the burning round dance is worth up to 10,000 points. Coffee and donut still bring 50 points. But there is also a joker and a scatter symbol. In the right amount and constellation these symbols can increase the winnings. There are no bonus rounds, jackpots or free spins here.

Fazit: Online there are the best conditions

This slot is fun, safe, serious and also offers good payout rates. A positive aspect of online slots is that they offer the player better payout rates than is the case with normal machines in the arcade. This is why it is worth playing online slots.