Pkr Review

Attention: At the beginning of May 2017 the provider PKR filed for insolvency and discontinued the poker platform. Please therefore select a other online poker provider.

If you have visited one or the other poker room in the course of time, as usual, to pursue your hobby, PKR gives you the impression that you have lost your way. Who loaded itself the appropriate and somewhat extensive program on the computer will be astonished, what expects it here. At first glance, one wonders whether one is playing poker or in a casino. But how does it look with a more exact view out?

Even if it concerns clearly an animated Pokerraum that does not mean that one, like with the competitors, its Pokerleidenschaft pursue and otherwise be quiet should. With PKR one has interactive Mitspielmöglichkeiten. Here you can behave like the director of a television station. This starts with the camera angle, which you can set at your discretion, and ends with interactive activities. In fact, you can beam yourself into the poker room and if you feel like it, hit the table with your fist.

It takes a little getting used to playing poker here, you have to admit. But once the familiarization phase is over, it can be really fun to play here. Somehow one is actually in a kind Casino, we call it Poker Casino. That should hit the nail on the head, as even an inexperienced player has a realistic chance of winning. With many of the fellow players, on whom one meets here, one could actually believe it would come only, in order to spend money. Many people play badly and have no idea what they’re doing, but they do. A little caution is nevertheless required, since in the meantime also the professional gamblers have come behind this secret and can therefore be seen again and again at these tables. By the way, resist the temptation to play at several tables at the same time. Unless you love chaos. If you play at several tables, the overview will quickly go to hell – and your money will be yours.

Video preview of PKR

In the following video you will find our experiences with PKR in the summary. We also show you how the registration works and show you the first steps with the provider.

View the video now to get a preview of PKR:

Offers and conditions of PKR

As ingenious as the software may be from the animation point of view, not everyone can do anything with the name PKR. And those who can think of it think to a large extent of other companies, which carry this letter combination in their name. Don’t be irritated, treat yourself to the joy and drop by PKR and play a little. We can promise you that it will be worth it. In addition to the general fun of the game, PKR offers its customers a lot of action, especially in the tournaments that are offered in all possible variations. In addition, they have invented a unique six-stage loyalty program. As with the animation, the poker provider is also breaking new ground here. The way through the loyalty program at PKR knows only one direction: upwards! No matter what level you reach at PKR, you can only leave this level by climbing up another one. The way down is blocked for some reason.

PKR and the bonus

The bonus offered by PKR is not only unique, but also extraordinary and exhausting, you first have to earn it. As with pretty much everything PKR does, this bonus has also put the industry on the edge of panic. With this bonus, PKR also proves that it wants to break new ground and quickly puts innovative ideas into practice. Throughout the poker, betting and gambling industry, people are proud to offer some kind of limited 100 percent bonus that, who knows how many times, you have to wager to get. PKR, on the other hand, offers a 200 percent bonus, but not just for the fact that you exist on the poker portal. You can earn points through various games and activities. These points are staggered. Depending on the number of points you earn, you will also receive your bonus in the end.

The usability of PKR is also exceptional

The poker provider goes almost in all new ways, so the issue of usability is no exception. Poker has something to do with art. This is supported by PKR, in that one must model first of all as a player after the registration in each case its own figure so to speak. Facial features, clothes, hairstyle and many other things have to be defined before you can play. You can even choose a tie, blouse, jacket or trousers. After all, you have to represent yourself, and that’s where appearance comes in. Finally, as mentioned earlier, you can laugh, cry or scold your character at the poker table. The character you create can also have an outburst of rage and express many more feelings. One more thing, mentioned at the beginning, is to say about the freely definable camera position: Of course, you can determine this yourself, but never in such a way that you can see the cards of another player. The note seems important to us in order to dampen any unjustified anticipation. If this would actually work, it would ultimately be fraud – and you can’t blame PKR for that. The company is consistently innovative and very resourceful in attracting new customers and keeping them happy with exceptional ideas. However, the serious and absolutely honest appearance is always in the foreground. The provider is very careful not to give the impression of dishonesty or rip-off anywhere.

Customer service

The support of PKR is generally described as exemplary. With the live chat there is anyway immediately a reaction, otherwise it would not be a live chat. Inquiries by mail are answered within 24 hours and it is generally welcomed that there is a telephone support. Especially with the last two points, the service by mail and by phone, I have my problems. If I’m sitting at a poker table now and have a problem in the game, it helps me less than nothing if I get the answer or solution to my problem tomorrow around midnight. I find the 24-hour hotline similarly disturbing, so I can reach it at any time. In the relevant forums it is said that you get competent and detailed problem solutions immediately if you are willing to speak English and make a telephone call abroad. We can’t really share the joy that comes from this opportunity. The fees for an international telephone call can certainly still be borne when it comes to a higher profit. Language skills, on the other hand, are different. Personally, I would be happy to speak English in such a case – if only I could! I can only speak German and French. I was able to choose between English and French at school, but I didn’t know at the time that I would want to play poker at PKR several years later and that they only have English-speaking support, otherwise my decision would certainly have been different. As far as support is concerned, it’s clear that the majority of competitors are much better positioned, so PKR has a lot of room for improvement.

The app at PKR

Who wants to be particularly innovative and is looking for real individual solutions that inspire, needs a little longer for many things than others. It was similar with the mobile poker version of PKR. With plenty of delay and as one of the last poker rooms PKR delivered its mobile version. On the other hand, the wait was worth it. While other poker providers were quick to come up with an app and then could only offer a few features of the normal website, here all functions are available that are also available on a computer. This means that you can take your virtual red tie or yellow blouse wherever you want. Almost one could say: There the waiting was worthwhile itself nevertheless.

Deposits with PKR

No case it may come with a Pokerunternehmen to the fact that customers do not possess sufficient usual possibilities to make a desired deposit. After all stands and falls thereby the entire system of a Pokerraum. It would be very strange, if such an imaginative company like PKR would be stingy with the deposit possibilities. On the contrary, they have also tried hard to offer their customers the best possible service without exaggerating: Moneybookers, Solo, Switch, Maestro, Visa Electron, Visa Delta, Click2Pay, Neteller, MasterCard and Visa are all possible. The easiest and most convenient way for many is the normal bank transfer, which everyone knows how to do. We would like to point out, however, that we have repeatedly found in our test that this most convenient of all options also takes the longest.

Licensed security at PKR

The vast majority of PKR’s competitors have received their licenses from the authorities in Malta and Gibraltar, an important qualitative feature. After all, the authorities there are very attentive and monitor the serious operation of poker rooms very closely. The opposite of it are some Pokeranbieter with concessions from other continents. These do not have to be also consistently in fraudulent intention on the way, caution is nevertheless ordered. PKR has applied for its licence in Alderney, England. A likewise very conservative place, which concerns the Lizenzvergabe at gambling, betting and Pokerunternehmen. Before in Alderney any license is considered also only rudimentarily, the enterprise must prove a respectable completion, which is examined in regularly taking place audits.


PKR is always worth a recommendation. One gave oneself all only conceivable trouble to arrange an attractive Pokerraum and concentrated at the same time to be with the existing offer as well as the play river in the main thing for new ones an interesting Pokerraum – that succeeded.


In my opinion the best poker room in the industry! I totally like the poker atmosphere transmitted, can play there really well. That is surely because of the diagram, which is made available also over the computer screen. Although this also ensures that poker is somehow slower than with other providers, but that does not bother me at all. It’s just nice to play poker and play in a pleasant environment. That’s why I’d like to praise PKR for the wonderful game software, which probably only exists once. I will remain faithful to my poker provider and can only recommend all readers of Fraud Test to sign up there!

written 47 months ago